A Dictionary Of My Toddler's Vocabulary

Apo, anyone?

My 19-month-old has exploded with words this last month and a half. Around 17.5 months, I started writing them down (unlike my older child, whose words were written down the second he started saying them at 9 months). Every day there are new ones, and at this point, he’ll try to say almost everything in some way.

Remember  “Ahhh-Dat!?” Coupled with screaming, it was all he did for a good long while. Then he started saying a few things here and there, and now, it’s like a volcano eruption of words all over our house.

Many of  the frequent ones are food-related, and you can pretty much tell his entire diet from his vocabulary, to say nothing of his toys of choice.

I’ve got quite a dictionary now. This is just a sample, a cross-section, if you will, of Fuzz’s linguistic waterfall:

  • A-po. 1 of 13
    Currently one of his favorite foods.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • a-Pooh! 2 of 13
    Very similar to "Apo" but emphasis on the second syllable. He has a soft spot for this DVD format. Picture courtesy of Wikipedia under
    fair use copyright law.
  • Awokin. 3 of 13
    "Not Working."
    He uses this one a lot, lately.
    See how he tries to 'fix' the See-n-say.
  • Baboo. 4 of 13
    I know. It sounds like a very distant cousin of strawberry, but there's a faint resemblance.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Dat dee. 5 of 13
    Dat dee.
    I wish I had a video of him saying this. He's been saying it for months and months and it is the cutest thing ever. He's even made a sing-song out of it.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Honeh! 6 of 13
    The object of his affection.
    You might recognize this photo.
  • (Also) honeh! 7 of 13
    (Also) honeh!
    Both cinnamon and honey are kept in the same cabinet and often eaten at breakfast time by all of us. It makes it confusing and a little frustrating at times.
  • I eee. 8 of 13
    I eee.
    A few weeks ago, he handed me this crayon and said the above. Sure enough, as you can see, there are some teeth marks.
    "I eat."
  • Momy Mo. 9 of 13
    Momy Mo.
    This is how he does "eeny meeny miney mo" which his brother likes to do when they're in the bath.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Opedoh! 10 of 13
    "Open Door."
    He says this when he wants an actual door to be opened, or just the 'door' to objects, like the honey, for example.
    See the video.
  • Pooda! 11 of 13
    He mostly wants to watch youtube on my "computer."
  • Wat! 12 of 13
    He's been saying this for a while.
    Here he's attempting to jump on the trampoline about six weeks ago. He can now actually jump with two feet (as of about two weeks ago- video taken today!)
  • Aiahpay! 13 of 13
    Someone loves airplanes
    just as much as his brother.
    Photo Credit: Flickr

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