A Letter to Sesame Street and Netflix

Dear Sesame Street and Netflix,

My daughter’s favorite show on earth used to be Sesame Street, which was great because I find it to be the most educational and entertaining kid’s show on television.

We used to find her kid’s programs using our cable on-demand system but have been experiencing problems with it for the past few months, so we’ve switched to accessing her shows through Netflix.

Netflix, as you know, has an awesome feature where it lets kids chose shows by character, making it very easy for children to let you know what they want to watch.

The only problem is that Netflix has chosen to represent Sesame Street solely with Elmo.

Now, there was a time when my daughter lived and breathed for all things Elmo, but at some point, around her second birthday, that time passed. She still loves Ernie, Bert, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and the rest of the gang but for some reason, she would prefer to see Elmo’s face as little as possible.

She seems to be able to tolerate him during regular Sesame Street segments but “Elmo’s World” throws her over the brink.

She believes, understandably, that “Elmo’s World” is a totally different show from Sesame Street and demands we turn it off as soon as it comes on the screen.

When we used to watch TV on-demand, my daughter would just watch Sesame Street until Elmo’s World came on and then we would change it to something else. But now that we are using Netflix, and she is choosing her shows by character, she never wants to watch what looks like solely “The Elmo Show”.

I would much prefer her watching Sesame Street than a lot of the other crap that is offered but most of the time, I don’t have the energy to convince a crying two-year-old that Elmo’s smiling muppet face actually represents ALL her favorite Sesame Street characters.

So, here’s what I am asking, and I think it’s pretty simple:

Can you change the Sesame Street character icon on Netflix from Elmo to a group of assorted characters? You can still have Elmo, just throw his arms around Big Bird and Ernie as well.

I know what I’m asking is possible because all four members of the Fresh Beat Band are represented and please help me if I have to watch THAT SHOW one more time.



Ilana (mother to former Sesame Street fan)

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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