A Little Green Thumb – Gardening With A Toddler

Checking out our squash that are taking over the garden!

I am relatively new to gardening, but I have loved sharing my garden with my kids this summer!  They have been a part of pretty much every step – from planting the seeds, to watering and watching the seedlings sprout and grow, to harvesting and then enjoying the bounty of fresh vegetables.

Involving your toddler in gardening is a great way to teach them all about food – where it comes from and how it’s grown, and encourage them to try new veggies that they may otherwise be reluctant to eat. 

We grow an organic garden, we have not used any chemical fertilizers or pesticides on our garden, so we know that everything we grow is healthy and safe, our veggies can be eaten right off the vine, and our children can safely join us in helping with the garden.

Here’s how my son and I enjoy gardening together.

  • Mama and Bren 1 of 10
    Mama and Bren
    I love to take my kids out in the garden with me and let them see how the plants grow and make veggies that we then get to pick and eat!
  • Not The Green Ones! 2 of 10
    Not The Green Ones!
    Bren got a little impatient waiting for the tomatoes to ripen and just wanted to pick them, even though they were still green!
  • Here’s A Red One! 3 of 10
    Here's A Red One!
    Teaching him to wait to pick until the tomatoes, and other veggies, are ready and ripe.
  • Watering the Garden 4 of 10
    Watering the Garden
    What kid doesn't like to play with water? And watering the garden is a fun and easy way for them to help.
  • Using Water From The Rain Barrell 5 of 10
    Using Water From The Rain Barrell
    Bren also knows how to get his own water out of our rain barrel which he uses the water the plants to his hearts content and I don't have to worry about the water bill.
  • Grow Flowers, Grow 6 of 10
    Grow Flowers, Grow
    He and his sister love to water the flowers and watch them grow and bloom. This box is "their garden" that they helped to plant the flower seeds and then watch them grow.
  • Pretty Flowers 7 of 10
    Pretty Flowers
    Bren loves to check on the flowers and see how they are growing.
  • How Do They Smell? 8 of 10
    How Do They Smell?
    Then, of course, he has to smell them and he also says, "Hi!" to them and he tells me that they say hi back. So sweet.
  • I Got A Big One! 9 of 10
    I Got A Big One!
    So far we've harvested lettuce, snap peas, zucchini, basil, cilantro, and tomatoes from our garden. Bren loves to help whenever he can.
  • He Is So Proud 10 of 10
    He Is So Proud
    Brenden loves to help in the garden and is so proud of how well everything is growing. He loves to eat all of the yummy veggies that we've grown and one of his favorites has become zucchini that I saute with carrots, tomatoes, and garlic because he helped to grow and pick them!

Does your toddler like to help with gardening or other outdoor projects?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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