A Look At Our Insta-Month: April!

It’s hard to believe May is already here! April was a busy month for us, and unlike many other months – we didn’t travel anywhere!  It was nice to be home with friends, hanging out in our favorite parks, and watching the weather get a little bit warmer and sunnier with each passing day. April also brought a few bugs – a skin infection and a low fever, but I’m hoping the winter germs are finally behind us now.

I am welcoming May with open arms. We are ready for farmer’s markets, wading pools opening, summer hikes, and visits from friends and family. But for now, here’s a look back at what I’m considering to be our last month of spring!

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    See what we were up to in April!

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    April 8

    We kicked off our month with a weird skin infection and a chronic booger nose. I prayed for warm weather and the end of winter germs. While Cullen didn't really seem bothered by any of it, we were both restless and grumpy from being cooped up away from other kids. He also gave the impetigo to one of his friends (before we realized what it was!) which made me feel terrible. Mom fail!

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    April 9

    This month also marked the beginning of recent nap strikes. My predictable, consistent sleeper is now napping an average of 2-3 times a week. It was incredibly frustrating at first (naps are mama's work window!), but now that I've sort of accepted it as our new normal, I'm a lot less frustrated when it happens.

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    april 11

    After a particularly bad Cheerio incident, I banned all snacks from the car unless supervised by an adult sitting in the back seat. I can't deal with all the crumbs and cereal powder any more!

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    April 12

    Between some crummy weather and a few days of mild illness, I eased up on my TV watching rules this month. I still prefer that if the sun is shining, Cullen is playing outside or exploring. But on a rainy or grumpy day, thirty minutes of Sid the Science Kid certainly isn't going to hurt anyone.  

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    April 13

    Somehow it took 17 long months, but Cullen finally had his first donut this month. Certainly not his last!

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    april 15

    This daddy's boy has some big shoes to fill. He's showing more independence these days, and interest in things like helping to get him dressed or take his shoes on and off. He likes to practice with dad's shoes because they are much roomier and easier!

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    april 17

    The day after the Boston Marathon bombings, Cullen and I wore our blue and yellow running shirts to show support for the victims and the running community. In his short life, he's already spectated a number of races and marathons, and we don't plan to stop that any time soon.  

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    april 18

    We went through several days with Cullen refusing to eat anything. Everything that was offered was either thrown on the floor or rejected, which was frustrating on many levels. I think he was actually fighting a mild bug at the time, which didn't become obvious until he developed a low fever that weekend. Poor guy!

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    april 20

    When the aforementioned fever did finally break, Cullen spent a long afternoon snoozing on my chest. While of course it was hard to see him feeling crummy, I must admit I relished the extra snuggles and chances to sniff his hair.  

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    april 25

    The mild fever and rainy weather resulted in a weekend spent inside, and a good amount of Sesame Street on the television. In the days the followed, Cullen ran around the house shouting, "Elmo, Elmo!" and asking for his furry friend. One afternoon during nap time, I found myself clicking order on a stuffed Elmo from Amazon. It hasn't left his arms since.  

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    april 26

    While this wasn't new news to us this month (we found out back in January!), we announced to the world publicly in April that Cullen is going to be a big brother! His little brother or sister is arriving right around his second birthday, and I'm hoping they become fast friends. 

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    april 28

    The last time I was pregnant, I didn't do any running, but this time I'm hoping to change that. Last weekend I ran my first pregnant race (a 5K!) ever, and I was extra motivated by my adorable cheering crew!

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    april 30

    We started the month with weird sleep issues, and we didn't end with any more sorted or figured out. On some days, Cullen rolls around in his crib and doesn't fall asleep until 2:30pm, and on others - like this one - he conks out at 11am. I give up!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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