A Look At Our Insta-Month: February

Eating well in February, indeed.
Eating well in February, indeed.

I know February is a short month, but man did it seem to fly by! We had a lot of birthdays and things to celebrate, which made for a lot of fun filled weekends, and even some travel! And now that March is here, it feels like spring might actually come this year. I wasn’t so convinced a month or two ago.

I joined Instagram when Cullen was about six months old, and on rough days I love looking back through my feed and watching him grow and change. I can only imagine the hundreds more photos I’d have if I’d been clicking and filtering back when he was born. He’s a lot harder to capture these days. My cell phone camera is slow, and my son never stops moving, which means that most of my photos just end up as an artistic looking blur.

But now and then I’m able to capture a few sweet moments – mostly when he’s concentrating hard on something, or asleep. Here are some of our best Instagram moments of February. And here’s hoping March is just as fun!

  • Peekaboo! 1 of 11
    Someone is enjoying his play tent, which suddenly became a LOT more fun when we relocated it from the playroom to his bedroom. Whatever works!
  • Mr. Mischief 2 of 11
    Mr. Mischief
    Does his face not just say it all? I guess he really, really wanted a snack!
  • Sleepy rider 3 of 11
    Sleepy rider
    I hate when Cullen falls asleep in the car (because it usually means a busted nap afterward), but it's still so cute when he falls asleep doing something - like reading. Sometimes he even falls asleep with his hand in his snack cup!
  • Lunch with dad 4 of 11
    Lunch with dad
    Cullen and I made a rare trip downtown to have lunch with dad this month! He loves looking out dad's window at the awesome view below.
  • Goldilocks 5 of 11
    Cullen got his hair chopped toward the end of the month, and this is clearly a "before" picture. I love his out of control wavy locks!
  • More noodles, please 6 of 11
    More noodles, please
    Seattle seem to have as many Thai restaurants as we have coffee shops. Good thing Cullen is such a big fan!
  • Rainy day fun 7 of 11
    Rainy day fun
    It was a rainy month, but we made the best of it by playing inside a lot and being goofy together. He makes every day a joy!
  • Rawwwwwrrrrrr 8 of 11
    We saw the brand new baby lion cubs at the zoo this month, and I could not get over their cuteness. Is it weird that this totally gave me baby fever?
  • Looking shorter 9 of 11
    Looking shorter
    The "after" shot once he'd had his hair cut! Still floppy and moppy, but a bit more under control than before
  • Watching… 10 of 11
    This is Cullen's new favorite spot. He stands on the stool in his sunroom and watches the garbage trucks, points and asks about dada, and checks out the action on the playground across the street. He's obsessed!
  • Puzzle time 11 of 11
    Puzzle time
    His latest trick? Doing puzzles! I guess it's time to get a few more, now that he's putting the pieces in the right places!

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