A Mom Can Dream: My Mother’s Day Wish List

First things first. In no way do I want or expect every single one of these items on this list. But a couple? Hook a mama up. This is to be considered more of a handy guide for any dads who might be reading this post with mamas or baby mamas with similar tastes to mine.

If you’re a guy who doesn’t even know that much (as in your mother’s or lady’s style) – then DUDE. For crying out loud. Now. Some of you are excellent gift givers, romancers and pros at honouring the esteemed holiday of Mother’s Day. I’m not saying that all partners scramble, fail miserably (uhm, drugstore chocolates and variety store flowers NAYE), or leave things till last minute. That would be sexist. I’m just saying a very large percentage of you do.

For all the gitch washing, meal-making, mother-love and day-to-day juggling/circus-like-acrobatics mothers engage in – make it count on May 12th. Just as she does when it’s your turn on June 16th. (Unless your partner sucks at this kind of stuff too…then I’ll be here ready and armed come time as well.) I’ve been told I would be good as a professional shopper (to which I replied, ‘Huh? People hire people to shop for them?!’) So go on and snafu a couple of ideas or sweet gifts here. I’m almost certain I know what most ladies like, whether it be in materialistic, or heart-melting, or practical form.

  • My Wish List: Shared 1 of 24

    So that moms across the globe can benefit too. Or something.

  • Forget Brunch! 2 of 24

    Is your mom or baby mama a lover of smoothies like I am? Show her you really know what she likes and how she likes it by blending up one of her favourite combinations. This means you should know about coconut water, flax oil, chia seeds, lemons and greens. As in you should know what combos taste good together and put in those healthy extras she loves. Present this to her on Mother's Day morning with a cup of stellar coffee or some fancy latte action (whatever she digs), and you're off to an excellent start for the day but you are far from done.

  • Geo iPhone Case 3 of 24

    Love the colour and pattern here. Completely customizable!
    Available via Basement 52, $15.36

  • Geo Black Dipped Gold Earrings 4 of 24

    Anything geometric is a hot trend for this Spring. I dig the funky twist on such a classic look.
    Available via A Merry Mishap, $24

  • Home Spa Day & Yoga 5 of 24
    Spa Day & Massage

    If she's into yoga like I am, hook her up with a day pass or better yet a membership. If she already has one - send her off on her merry way after that yummy smoothie you made her. Later that night, after the kids are in bed - give her one heck of a massage. No expectations. Unless of course she wants that. Which, since this is supposed to be my wish-list - well, honey, if you're reading this - you know the answer. Just remember the coconut oil.

  • Brass Himmeli Plant Hanger 6 of 24
    Floating Plant Holders

    These geo hanging, mobile prisms are ideal for air plants! Heavy want on these. 
    Available via HRUSKAA, $25

  • A Curated Selection of Air Plants 7 of 24
    Air Plants

    Perfect for those geo plant holders I've been drooling over.
    Set of 3 available via Conceptual Nature, $13

  • Out With The Old, In With The New 8 of 24
    organizing kids' clothes

    Have you ever wondered how your kids' dresser drawers always contain clean clothes that fit them? There are no magic faeries. Doing all of the shoe and clothing shopping as well as the constant rotation is a huge job. Since we're right on the cusp of Spring, it's likely that this job needs doing or is on your partner's list of things to do. Make the offer to help (don't just go in there and do it!) Pull out the bins/bags and ask about their sorting process. Ask them how they do it, then do it. The asking is key. Just saying. Us moms hold memories to certain articles of clothing. You don't want to be the guy who tossed it all.

  • Double Fringe Bag 9 of 24
    Beyond Buckskin Boutique: Double Fringe Purse Bag

    This is definitely a splurge item if your budget allows for such once in a while.
    Available via Beyond Buckskin Boutique, $250

  • Peyote Stich Beaded Bangle 10 of 24
    Beyond Buckskin Boutique: Peyote Stich Beaded Bangle

    Gorgeous, hand beaded detail here in another hot trend for Spring...metallics! 
    Available via Beyond Buckskin Boutique, $50

  • No More Mr. Nice Guy 11 of 24
    Mother's Day Ideas

    On Mother's Day I want nothing to do with disciplining my kids. Your partner probably doesn't want to do any either. Expect lots of this sort of look giving. More than usual, because it'll be all you.

  • Hand Beaded Cat Eye Sunglasses 12 of 24
    Beyond Buckskin Boutique: Hand Beaded Cat Eye Sunglasses

    More hand-beaded luxury and fabulousness!
    Available via Beyond Buckskin Boutique, $89

  • Do The Laundry, Clean The House 13 of 24
    Do The Laundry, Clean The House

    Do all of it. Every last sock paired and put away. Nothing crammed into closets or put away in all of the wrong places either. Then, clean the house just the way she would. You're a keeper. 

  • DIY Succulent Wall Garden 14 of 24
    Indoor Wall Hanging Succulent Garden

    These are surprisingly easy to make, especially if you are handy. All you need is a fine selection of succulent clippings and the rest is up to you to research and execute! Have it hanging up for her when she wakes up. Guaranteed joyful mama will commence. Well, if it were me...
    Assortment of 40 succulent clippings available via Succulents Galore, $40

  • Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights 15 of 24
    Solar Powered Mason Jar Lights

    These solar powered lights make my heart do flip flops whilst dreaming of warm, languid evenings on my deck with wine or beer in hand. Clearly, I am a nerd - but I know I'm not alone in this. 
    Available via Treasure Again on Etsy, $30

  • Chief, Cook & Bottle Washer 16 of 24
    Free Mother's Day Ideas

    By dinner time you may feel run ragged, but you're nearly there. The key to finishing off the day with swagger is that you planned what you are going to make the family for dinner ahead of time. It doesn't have to be roasted duck, but it most definitely shouldn't be Hamburger Helper either. It goes without saying you are on your own for clean-up too, right? Thought so. You don't even need my advice!

  • Wall Hanging Twig Hook Key-holders 17 of 24
    Studio Luscious: Awesome Key Holder

    If the mom of the house is always trying to keep on top of organizing the home and creating a place for everything, something like this will be her bag. 
    Available via Studio Liscious, $18 each

  • Wall Art 18 of 24
    Boy & Girl Illustration Print Wall Hanging

    Something sweet like this, reminiscent of her love for mothering and her children will be well-received. I know I want it!
    Available via Shirae, $20

  • Bedtime Routine 19 of 24
    Free Mother's Day Ideas

    As much as I love this face (OOF!) and the other one I gave birth to, I'd love a night scott-free of the bath-time, bed-time finagle. 

  • Porcelain Dairy Bottle Vases 20 of 24
    Porcelain Dairy Bottle Vase, Stamped Chicago

    Charming, kitschy - yet modern. Mama likes. 
    Available via Revisions Design, $34 each

  • Linen Apron 21 of 24
    Linen Apron Kitchen & Garden

    For the moms who love to grow things and get busy in the kitchen. Linen can take a lot of wear and tear, feels warm and fabulous. Added bonus: the pockets. Culinary goddesses and gardeners want those in an apron.
    Available via Knock Knock Linen, $66.19

  • Hand Stamped Aluminum Plant Markers 22 of 24
    Hand Stamped Aluminum Plant Markers

    Sturdy, modern and just what I need for all of the germinating I've been doing. I've actually gotten sprouts so it looks like I'll be planting and will be in need of something like these. 
    Available via Spiffing Jewelry, $25 (set of 5)

  • Outdoor Hanging Cotton Lights 23 of 24
    Outdoor Hanging Cotton Lights

    To coincide with the solar powered table top mason jar lights, making all of her (mine) evening patio scene-dreams come true.
    Available via Cotton Light, $17.99

  • Think To The Future: Organize a Date Night 24 of 24
    Mother's Day Ideas

    This means you take care of everything. From contacting and scheduling a babysitter to finding something fun to do that you know you'll both enjoy together. 

TIP: When I say 2 items from this round-up would be well-received, I mean 1 gifts and one gesture, or clew of chores done such as some of the ideas I listed. We’re not looking for diamonds (at least I’m not). Just some pre-meditated thought and care in the execution of it all. Pulling off Mother’s Day will reap you all sorts of rewards. Just saying.


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