A New Day In The Life: Stay-at-Home Mom

It has been one week since a big life change and it’s looking like my Day In The Life of A Working Mom is no longer applicable.

Pretty tights and heels?  No.  Crazy commute to make me pull my hair out?  No. Insane spreadsheets and office gossip?  No.

But park dates and coloring books and “DO NOT STICK YOUR FINGER IN THE DOG’S EYE?”  You bet!

I’m no less busy these days, but it is a more relaxed pace and I am enjoying being able to dictate my time.  I still have lots of responsibilities (hello, dinner and laundry and child-rearing).  Some days we are still go-go-go with play dates and dry-cleaning drop-off and a house showing but somedays, we just chill at home in sweatpants.

It has been a lifestyle change but one I am welcoming as an opportunity.  I know I will be going back to work full-time soon, so this past week has been about soaking up time with Harrison.

  • Wake up and eat breakfast. 1 of 12
    Wake up and eat breakfast.
    No alarm clock buzz anymore! I get up with my husband and sip coffee and stir oatmeal while I wait for Harrison to wake up. Once he's up, it's breakfast time!
  • Curious George snuggles. 2 of 12
    Curious George snuggles.
    We let Harrison watch an episode of Curious George each morning - he is a big fan and it gives me time to get dressed while he snuggles in bed with our pup.
  • Art class. 3 of 12
    Art class.
    My new bossman loves coloring and PlayDoh, so we spend a solid 30-45 minutes doing "art." Once he's settled, I usually take this time to straighten the living room and kitchen. Since our house is on the market to sell, I am always cleaning up!
  • Errands with Momma. 4 of 12
    Errands with Momma.
    We head to the library or the grocery store or Target. He's a great little buddy, so we usually stop for a latte (me) and a chocolate milk (him).
  • Nap time! aka Momma Time. 5 of 12
    Nap time! aka Momma Time.
    He goes down for a nap (usually 1-2 hours) and I write, craft, or simply veg out.
  • Hit the slides to wear this kiddo out. 6 of 12
    Hit the slides to wear this kiddo out.
    Harrison is up from his nap by 3pm, so we head outside. Our backyard is a ton of fun, but sometimes we shake things up by going to the local park for bigger slides and interaction with other kids. I'm enjoying getting to know some other moms in the area, too.
  • Winding down. 7 of 12
    Winding down.
    We head in around 5pm and Harrison pulls out his trucks. I get dinner in the oven and take notes on what we may need while running errands the next day.
  • Daddy is home! 8 of 12
    Daddy is home!
    The boys usually start wrestling or chasing each other. The house turns into a wild crazed place in 2.5 seconds.
  • Dinner is served! 9 of 12
    Dinner is served!
    Oh, these? They're just green beans wrapped in bacon yumminess. No big deal.
  • Bedtime routine. 10 of 12
    Bedtime routine.
    A bath and jammies and book and prayers and Harrison is in bed by 8pm.
  • Wine o’clock. 11 of 12
    Wine o'clock.
    I pour a glass of wine and relax with my husband.
  • Well, I guess I still work. 12 of 12
    Well, I guess I still work.
    I work on blog posts or emails or RMHC volunteer work for about an hour before bedtime.

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