A Product That’s Probably a Joke But Would Still be AWESOME for Toddlers: Spray-On Skinny Jeans

Spray-on skinny jeans
Skinny Skinny jeans from American Eagle

Over on BuzzFeed they have a post on these new “jeans” from American Eagle called Skinny Skinny, which are purportedly spray-on skinny jeans.

They’re utterly absurd, of course. It’s spray paint for your bare legs that will make it look as if you’re wearing jeans, when, in fact, you’re pantsless.

It’s probably an early April Fool’s joke, except I wish it were real and I could use this spray on my toddler.

Peony, 18 months, is a total doll. Except when it comes to getting dressed in jeans. It seems as if the only toddler jeans I can find these days are skinny jeans, and Peony is not a skinny toddler. She’s a chunky little monkey, which is exactly how we like her. But she’s a butter ball, for sure. You try stuffing a turkey into a clothing made for people who eat like rabbits. It ain’t easy. Or pleasant. For anyone.

Getting jeans on her is like shoving toothpaste back into the tube. But if I go a size up they’re too long in the legs or too loose in the waist. And I’m not going to seamstress to take in or up jeans that will only fit her for a few weeks or months.

Spray paint, some Huggies denim diapers to match and we’re ready to go? Imagine how easy it would be to change diapers when you’re out and about when there’s no real pants to take on and off? I’d be all for it.

You know, if it were real (which, how can it be? Watch this video). And if I didn’t take great pains to avoid chemicals near my children the rest of the time.

But other than that? Perfection.

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