A Simple Easter Craft For Toddlers: Fuzzy Bunnies!

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Crafting is one of the best activities that we can engage our kids in because it promotes their creativity. It encourages free-play, free-thinking and gets their imaginations flowing.

The huge sense of accomplishment that I watch my children get from making something speaks for the virtues of crafting in spades.

Which is why holidays make it so easy to craft, for me at least. Introducing a themed craft can help you teach your little one about the upcoming holiday and what it means to your family in a really fun way.

Leading up to this Easter we’ve been on a bit of a crafting binge – there is so much inspiration to draw from and activities for little hands to delve into. We had a great time making these Fuzzy Easter Bunnies. Click through to find out how you can make this easy Easter craft with your own toddlers!

  • An easy craft for little hands… 1 of 10
    An easy craft for little hands...
    Click through to discover how you can make these cute little Easter bunnies together as a family!
  • Pre-Prep 2 of 10
    Cut felt ears (I did it free-style, nothing has to be perfect; it's an easy and basic shape), and smaller fabric inner ear panels from scrap fabric. You can also use construction paper or craft foam. Your choice! If you're wondering about that second pair of scissors, they're called pinking shears and I use them for fun projects like this because I have them for my sewing projects. Totally not necessary.
  • Breakfast First 3 of 10
    Breakfast First
    We do our crafting with the little ones in the morning after breakfast, since they get up so dang early. It fills the time in nicely before they go off to pre-school. Plus, it's a great way to spend some time together as a family, starting them off right for the day! We try to sit together for breakfast - doesn't always happen, but when it does I find that things run smoothly and tender toddler moods are much more happy.
  • Materials (Dollar Store Finds) 4 of 10
    Materials (Dollar Store Finds)
    You'll need:
    Wooden Craft Spoons
    White felt (or construction paper, or craft foam)
    2 pipe cleaners
    2 sets of google eyes
    Cotton fill
    Felt heart stickers
    Scrap fabric (or construction paper, or craft foam)
    White craft glue
    That's it!
  • Have Fun! 5 of 10
    Have Fun!
    Gently guide your little people along and encourage them to pat and press down the parts as they glue (or you help them apply glue, depending on their age, I find a popsicle stick works well for this). Let them enjoy touching all of the different textures. We set up one of their fuzzy bunnies and talked about the placement of eyes, whiskers and nose - which went pretty well. I watched an 'a'ha!' moment swish across my oldest toddler's face, and he kept looking back to the bunny as he assembled his own.
  • Admire Your Work 6 of 10
    Admire Your Work
    Or in the case of my daughter, kiss your bunny. As one does.
  • Strike a Pose 7 of 10
    Strike a Pose
    Yeah, I totally asked my boy to take a picture with his bunny for me and he did so happily. Mostly because we were talking about one of his favourite songs, the "Sun Song" -- a new yoga video for kids that he's obsessed with. Totally unrelated: ask my son to do a downward dog, a cobra or to kiss the sun and he will happily oblige. We're still working on shavasana.
    (If you're wondering about that shiner, it was the end result of a tumble into his sister's cheekbone which amazingly went un-scathed.)
  • Bunny Kisses for Everyone 8 of 10
    Bunny Kisses for Everyone
    This one has to kiss everything and have everything kiss everyone else. Case in point: the smooshing of her new bunny craft up her daddy's nose for a 'kissy'.
  • Ready for Puppet Shows 9 of 10
    Ready for Puppet Shows
    These two are ready for some fun role-playing and imaginative puppet shows all about Spring Solstice and Easter over the coming weeks. I think we'll make some lambs and chickadees too!
  • Huggy Bunnies 10 of 10
    Huggy Bunnies
    And because, apparently - I am a giant child who could not help herself and played with them after my kids went to pre-school. Don't judge.


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