A Simple Toddler Valentine

Cute and effective.
Cute and effective.

I know I’m a day late, but you can always pin this one for next year, right?  Yesterday morning, I surprised Casey with a homemade Valentine from me and Cullen. I intended to take a bunch of in-progress pictures, and how how I made it step by step. I also intended to use little dainty painted hand prints. And then I found out what it is really like to do painting crafts with a wild 15 month old boy.

We started with his hands.  I had seen this cute idea to have the thumbs of each touch so that the space in between formed a heart.  Several pieces of paper later and red paint on everything within two feet, I knew I needed a new plan. I don’t know when kids are old enough to do painted hand prints, but I know that 15 months is not it. Geez!

So I switched over to feet – much easier to control, less flailing, less toe separation and squeezing. It was still a little goopy and smudged, but at least the feet actually looked like feet, whereas the hands had looked like giant streaks or crunched up paper. I dipped each foot into a plate of red paint, and carefully placed the foot along with each toe.  Cullen was surprisingly cooperative after the hand print incident.

Once his little heart shaped feet had dried, I cut them out in a shape of a heart and filled in the rest.  Super simple, and super cute. I’ve never really been into Valentine’s Day before, but having a toddler to do crafts with is making even the smallest holidays more fun.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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