A Toddler’s Christmas

He abandoned this guitar after thirty seconds, so I knew it wasn’t a keeper.

After no less than three trips to Target during which I allowed my kids to roam the toy aisles so I could observe which items hold their interest for longer than sixty seconds I have decided what the kids are getting for Christmas.

Violet  is getting a LeapPad 2 since she shows such an affinity to all LeapFrog products. I may also have to pull the trigger and purchase that Poppin’ Play Piano I couldn’t tear her away from during our first visit to the store.

She’s also getting a new bike with training wheels, not because she asked but because her dad and I want to encourage her to start riding as she’s shown absolutely zero interest thus far. So that was written about in her letter to Santa Claus only because we used some Jedi mind-tricking to get her to ask for it.

You want a bicycle for Christmas, don’t you? You’re going to ask Santa for a bicycle, aren’t you?

And then she asked for it. Go figure. The Force is strong around these parts.

It’s gonna be tough, but I think we can probably also swing that “golden bouncy ball” and “magic marker” she put on the list as well.

As far as the little man goes, he’s been playing with Sister’s pink castle for a year now so I think it’s time to get him his own. We’re going with the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle. I mean, duh. If the name Eagle Talon Castle doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will. The castle comes with little figures and all the castle accoutrements you could want, unlike some other brands (*cough* Melissa and Dough *cough*) that make you order all that stuff separately.

So that he doesn’t feel left out when Violet gets her bike we’re also looking to get Henry an old-skool Big Wheel, like I used to cruise around on when I was his age.

And finally, the toy he showed the most interest in while at Target, his current crush, the tiger, the myth, the legend: TIGGER. A Bouncing Tigger, to be exact. I can say with assurance that the Bounce Bounce Tigger is a hit with the two and under crowd. He’s hiding in my closet at this very typing.

And that’s pretty much a wrap as far as Christmas is concerned this year. Two big ticket items: bike/big wheel, a couple medium sized toys: LeapPad 2/Eagle Talon Castle and then a bunch of fun smaller, inexpensive things like the Bounce Bounce Tigger and, of course, Violet’s “golden bouncy ball” and the much sought after “blue magic marker.”

Kids, man.

Don’t forget to hit the Target dollar aisles for all your stucking stuffer needs. I’m even done with stocking stuffers. Jealous?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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