A Toddler's Fracture

toddler's fracture x-ray
Not Fuzz, but this is what it would look like

Wasn’t I just touting how to exercise your active toddler? With activity comes accidents, especially for people who are new to the world of movement. My toddler had one yesterday.

Fuzz was going down the slide at the park with my neighbor and our wonderful nanny (also my neighbor’s neice). The two of them anchored the slide at the top and the bottom while he went down. Unfortunately, in that one area where they had no control, something happened.

The rubber sole of his shoe hooked onto the side of the slide but the rest of his body kept going and he did a 180 of sorts.

The part of the shoe that was supposed to keep him from slipping while running and playing actually failed him in this moment.

Once he recovered from the initial freak-out, they were able to go over his body to see what was what.  He could bend everything fine without any pain. His joints all seemed in the right spots…but…

He couldn’t walk.

However, there was no swelling, and no evidence of anything broken. He wasn’t crying, except when he tried to take a few steps and couldn’t. Obviously, that was the only time it hurt, plus the dude is obviously frustrated.

So, today, we brought him in for an X-ray.  The Pediatric Orthopedist said that it could be a Toddler’s Fracture, which occurs in the tibia, and is often really hard to see, even with an X-ray. A toddler’s fracture can heal on it’s own, but sometimes can require a cast for several weeks. The thought of Fuzz in a cast is kind of bumming me out, but the doctor says it will actually help him walk.

He couldn’t find anything in the X-ray. As I said above, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a toddler’s fracture, or it might be a strained muscle. Luckily, his knees, hips and ankles are all perfectly fine.  We just have to watch him for the next several days and if he gets worse, Fuzz might get a cast on Monday.

Anyone else’s baby have a playground accident? Any words of wisdom for me?

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