A Toddler’s Move to a Real Big Boy Bed

f69829d2baa311e2939b22000a1f9251_7This move was a long time coming for our little boy.

He moved to a toddler bed from his crib right before his second birthday when I caught him flinging himself over the side post-nap. I mean, I actually caught him mid-air, no exaggeration necessary. With his little rail and his crib sheets and blankets, he was a happy boy for the next 18 months. We decided that when we moved to our new house last fall, that we would keep the toddler bed intact as a way to ease the transition of the move. Same bed, same wall color, same sheets, etc.  It worked like a charm and Harry adjusted quickly to his new room.

And then…well, we forgot.

We legitimately forgot that six months had passed, our boy was longer and his bed friends grew in quantity until one night, I noticed he was quickly running out of room. With a pillow at the top, his toes weren’t that far from reaching the bottom, especially when he scooted down in the middle of the night. So one Saturday, my husband took down the crib as I scrubbed the attic grime off the hand-me-down twin bed. I stretched sheets that Harrison picked out over the new mattress and while his choice in comforter wasn’t my own, he loved what the stitched dump trucks and cement trucks added to his room.

Tip: have your preschooler pick something out for his new bed! sheets or a pillow or new stuffed animal -something to help him feel in control of the situation!

Tip two: have him help assemble so he’ll feel the excitement and accomplishment!

That night, he jumped gleefully into bed over the little mesh railing and admired his new big boy bed and status. We said prayers and 10 minutes later, he was asleep and I was watching from the doorway, wondering how we got from hot little baby burrito to lanky preschooler in just a matter of heartbeats.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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