A Toddler’s Take on 30 College Football Mascots

Well, it’s that time of year again. This is the time when seemingly normal friends and families become obsessed with college football. I haven’t found a way to stop this annual phenomenon yet, so I figured I had better get on board.

This year, along with trying out many new game day recipes, I entertained myself by getting my toddler’s take on each of the college mascots as they roamed the sidelines throughout the season.

Here you have it, folks!

  1. University of Minnesota’s Goldy Gopher: That beaver wants to munch on a log! He’s so cute!
  2. University of Alabama’s Big Al: He’s like the elephants at the zoo, but pretend. I just don’t know how he got that shirt on him.

    Image Source: University of Alabama
    Image Source: University of Alabama
  3. Texas Christian University’s Super Frog: What is he, Mommy? A seashell? I put him on my ear and hear the ocean.
  4. Syracuse University’s Otto the Orange: That’s a Cutie orange from the grocery store! He has a little face on him!

    Image Source: Syracuse University
    Image Source: Syracuse University
  5. University of Georgia’s Uga: Awwwwwwww I love him and his pink tongue. His face is a little pouty; maybe his team dropped the ball.
  6. University of Miami’s Sebastian the Ibis: He put his foot in for the Hokey Pokey! He’s good at the hokey pokey but he thinks about it a lot.
  7. University of Nebraska’s Herbie Husker: I don’t know, Mommy. Is that Grandpa John?
  8. University of Maryland’s Testudo the Terrapin: A turtle with a beak?! That’s kind of silly.

    Image Source: University of Maryland
  9. University of Notre Dame’s Leprechaun: Mommy! He’s playing ‘open shut them’ with his hands.
  10. Ohio State University’s Brutus: That peanut has stripes on him!
  11. University of Oregon’s Duck: Oh. My. Goodness. It’s Donald Duck!

    Image source: University of Oregon
    Image source: University of Oregon
  12. Stanford University’s Tree: That’s an asparagus! I looooooooooove asparagus. (Sidenote: when I asked her about this one, she had a friend over for a playdate. The friend vehemently disagreed, saying that it was most definitely a cactus with a lot of lipstick on. Both girls agreed that this was one of their favorites.)
  13. Western Kentucky University’s Big Red: I think he’s an M&M, but I’m not so sure. I like M&M’s.
  14. University of Colorado’s Ralphie the Buffalo: He’s a handsome, fluffy cow. He looks very big and strong.

    Image Source: University of Colorado
    Image Source: University of Colorado
  15. Louisiana State University’s Mike the Tiger: That’s a Tiger. Madeline would go to the zoo and say “poo poo” to him! (reference to the Madeline book series)
  16. Stephen F. Austin State University’s Lumberjack: That looks like daddy’s friend, Kyle! But Kyle always wears sleeves. That guy’s sleeves are missing somewhere.
  17. University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Cayenne: Is that a teapot? Oh, wait, no. It’s a strawberry.
  18. University of Texas as Austin’s Bevo: He’s so spotty like a Dalmatian dog. He’s a Dalmatian cow!

    Image Source: University of Texas at Austin
    Image Source: University of Texas at Austin
  19. Clemson University’s Tiger: He’s a Tiger with button eyes!
  20. Michigan State University’s Sparty: What kind of leprechaun is that one?
  21. University of Oklahoma’s Sooner Schooner: A Hayride! Do they have some pumpkins to pick?
  22. University of Iowa’s Herky the Hawk: That bird is a little bit scary. Not like Big Bird at all.

    Image Source: University of Iowa
  23. Florida State University’s Cimarron: Oh my goodness. It’s a Dalmatian horse!
  24. University of North Carolina’s Rameses: That’s a cute dancing cow!
  25. University of Utah’s Swoop: He’s a bird with a bushy fox tail!
  26. Temple University’s Owl: Is that a cardinal bird or something? He looks kinda mad.
  27. University of Arkansas’s Big Red: I don’t really know, Mommy, he could be a pig or a cow. Do you think his skin is fluffy or rough?

    Image Source: University of Arkansas
    Image Source: University of Arkansas
  28. University of Wisconsin’s Bucky Badger: He is a very, very nice skunk. I bet he smells good, not like most skunks.
  29. Penn State University’s Nittany Lion: That teddy bear is wearing a scarf like a snowman does!

    Image Source: Penn State
    Image Source: Penn State University
  30. University of Florida’s Albert and Alberta Gator: A mommy and a daddy alligator together! They are going on a date to a restaurant to eat pasta. See you later, alligator! (Toddler immediately cracks up laughing).

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