A Very Toddler Christmas

Christmas morning with my favorite little guy.

This year wasn’t technically Cullen’s first Christmas, but it sure did feel like it. Last year he was just nine weeks old, and I spent most of Christmas trying to manage a cranky newborn who was overstimulated and dealing with a three hour time change. This year, we had a joyful little toddler, running around the tree in his Santa jammies, ripping up wrapping paper with delight.

Even though Cullen was a big part of our celebration this year, he was still too young to really grasp the concept. He spent most of the morning chasing wrapping paper and playing with other people’s gifts. His favorite gift of the morning was a set of Sodastream bottles I bought for my husband. He found endless entertainment in un-capping and re-capping the bottles.

We didn’t really go all out as far as gifts go this year. I figure there are many holidays ahead where he will write letters to Santa and beg for bigger, more expensive items. So this year he got some books, a shape sorter, and a few art supplies. Nothing too exciting, but they were things he needed. He was just as happy with the empty boxes as he was with the gifts inside!

On a normal day, he naps around 1pm each afternoon. But he was so overwhelmed and excited by the Christmas festivities that he was rubbing his eyes by 11am, and clearly in need of an early nap. We spent most of the rest of our day in our pajamas, just relishing a day at home together with no agenda, no rules, and no shortage of sugary baked goods.

We had such a great holiday, and it makes me even more excited for all the Christmas magic waiting in the years still to come.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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