A Walk Through the Bielanko Home at Christmastime

The front porch.

One of the first things Serge told me about himself the night we met was that he’s absolutely insane for Christmas.  Like, totally nutso about the entire holiday season.

I daresay he played down his love for the holidays.

His love of all things Christmas is OFF THE CHARTS.  He decorates the house each year like someone handed a crack fiend on a four-day bender a bunch of ornaments and lights and said get to it.

This year was no exception.  He Clark Griswolded the outside of the house on Thanksgiving and spent the next two weeks decorating the inside as well.

I love it.  My mom did the same thing when I was growing up although not quite to the extent that Serge does it.  I hope when they’re grown up Violet and Henry remember Christmastime as a wonderland of twinkling lights, holiday music and fun.

I think they will.

Here then is a walk through the Bielanko home at Christmastime.  We aren’t shooting for classy, people.  Classy is boring.  We are shooting for coverage.  Lights and decorations whichever way you turn. 

  • In the Beginning 1 of 32
    In the Beginning
    This was what the house looked like on Thanksgiving night.
  • The Front Porch Was Lonely 2 of 32
    The Front Porch Was Lonely
    The front porch seemed lonely so we went ahead and added a Christmas tree there as well. You can chop down a Christmas tree yourself here in Central PA for a fourth of the cost of a tree from a lot in the suburbs.
  • Come Closer 3 of 32
    Come Closer
    A closer look at the front porch there on the right and the side porch to the left.
  • Side Porch 4 of 32
    Side Porch
    Another perspective of the side porch.
  • Front Porch 5 of 32
    Front Porch
    Another perspective of the front porch.
  • My Favorite Spot to Sit 6 of 32
    My Favorite Spot to Sit
    This is where Violet and I sit and sing songs.
  • Violet and Henry 7 of 32
    Violet and Henry
    Hanging around on an unseasonably warm December night.
  • It was 70 degrees 8 of 32
    It was 70 degrees
    The only downside to having a porch so lit up is you can't pick your nose without it being spotlit for anyone who happens to look your way.
  • Free Decorations 9 of 32
    Free Decorations
    I picked pine cones from around the yard and put them in canisters and old boxes at the bottom of the tree.
  • Come On In! 10 of 32
    Come On In!
    This is the side door which we use more often than the front door.
  • The Bar 11 of 32
    The Bar
    That's the inside of the side door you just saw. It opens onto what used to be a "mud room" which we transformed into a bar. It's awesome for hosting little get togethers.
  • The Record Player 12 of 32
    The Record Player
    We constantly have Christmas music playing from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day.
  • Can’t Go Wrong With Sinatra. 13 of 32
    Can't Go Wrong With Sinatra.
    My favorite record this year.
  • The Christmas Tree 14 of 32
    The Christmas Tree
    One of the bar doors opens onto the dining room where we decided to put our tree this year.
  • Peeping Into the Living Room 15 of 32
    Peeping Into the Living Room
    This is the view from the dining room leading into the living room.
  • Serge Watching TV 16 of 32
    Serge Watching TV
    This is looking into the living room from the dining room. Let's go see what Serge is watching!
  • Clark Griswold! 17 of 32
    Clark Griswold!
    It figures.
  • It’s Max! 18 of 32
    It's Max!
    That's the living room off to the left and that door leads back into the bar that we just came out of. The kitchen door is off to the right, but you can't see it.
  • Dining Room 19 of 32
    Dining Room
    This is an old piece we bought for a song at a nearby antique shop. I stuffed some pine boughs on that bottom shelf, tossed in a couple cinnamon scented pine cones and added a few Christmas balls
  • A Closer Look 20 of 32
    A Closer Look
    As you can see, we've amassed quite a collection of various Christmas decorations.
  • Christmas Tree Stumps 21 of 32
    Christmas Tree Stumps
    We like to collect the stump from every Christmas tree we've had.
  • Living Room 22 of 32
    Living Room
    This is the painting that hangs over our couch in the living room. It was painted by Serge's dad who is a very talented artist.
  • Bookshelves 23 of 32
    More Serge stylings in the other corner of the living room. That archway to the right leads back to the dining room.
  • Closer Look at the Bookshelves 24 of 32
    Closer Look at the Bookshelves
    Serge loves to set up little displays of stuff. If you actually watched him arranging this crap you'd laugh your ass off. It's quite a process.
  • More Stuff 25 of 32
    More Stuff
    Another Serge designed shelf.
  • Frosty The Pianoman 26 of 32
    Frosty The Pianoman
    This singing Frosty actually scares the crap out of Violet and we are not allowed to turn it on.
  • My Creation 27 of 32
    My Creation
    This was one of the few touches I added. I tossed a few balls and Christmas ornaments into a glass vase. I'm undecided on whether or not I like it.
  • Christmas Ornaments 28 of 32
    Christmas Ornaments
    This was an ornament we bought for Violet's first Christmas.
  • Scary Santa 29 of 32
    Scary Santa
    This is one of Serge's vintage ornaments he loves to collect. This Santa is freaky as all get out. It feels like he's constantly watching me from his vantage point in the Christmas tree. He sees you when you're sleeping...
  • Candy Cane Ball 30 of 32
    Candy Cane Ball
    We have tons of balls on the tree but these are my favorite.
  • Santa Is In! 31 of 32
    Santa Is In!
    Good news! Santa is in!
  • A Couple of Christmas Hoodlums 32 of 32
    A Couple of Christmas Hoodlums
    Merry Christmas!

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