A Week in the Insta-Life

Hi, friends.


I kind of had to get that out because I swear it was yesterday that we were all, “WHOA, January already?”  Yet here we are, coasting into February and all things lovey-dovey-heartsy-fartsy. Of course, I’m just trying to remember to write “Valentine’s Day lunch at preschool” on my calendar and make sure I’m not sporting third-day hair and serving dinner at 9:30pm on February 14th like last year. Because in just a blink of an eye, we’ll be packing up the hearts and pulling out the Easter bunnies and then bathing suits.

There’s just something about adulthood that makes the days and years fly by, right?

My husband was asking me last night if the week seemed to “snowball” after Tuesday evening and I couldn’t quite agree, although I know what he means. My weeks tend to feel like a steady pace and the weekends like a balm to the soul, but all together they rush past me until I’m scratching my head and wondering how my toddler is almost 3 1/2-years-old.  AND A HALF, people.

Praise be for Instagram and iPhones catching our life and documenting it because otherwise I wouldn’t know what I wore on Thursday or what I ate on Tuesday night.  (I’m kidding. I don’t just take pictures of food and outfits. Most of the time.)

Here’s what we’ve been up to this week:

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  • Scootin’ 1 of 12
    I put it out to Twitter last week that he was not interested in his tricycle. Do we go for a scooter or a balance bike? Luckily, we scored a Hot Wheels scooter on clearance at Target ($20!) and he LOVES it.
  • The Momma’s birthday 2 of 12
    The Momma's birthday
    On Sunday, I ironed the pink tablecloth and pulled out my cake platter. We made stuffed shells and blew out candles. Love you, Momma!
  • Meeeeeow 3 of 12
    Yes, that's a cat dress. Because WHY NOT?
  • Ice/Snow Day 4 of 12
    Ice/Snow Day
    Raleigh essentially shut down after 1pm last Friday thanks to an ice storm. I stayed warm inside with my boys, making peanut butter cookies and napping.
  • Mittens! 5 of 12
    My kid who throws a tantrum over any coat heavier than a sweatshirt lost his toddler mind from joy over mittens with cars printed on them.
  • Money Pit Update 6 of 12
    Money Pit Update
    So, our house. We love it. The kitchen floor is peeling and we're tapped out for renovations right now. Basically, nothing has changed.
  • Flashback 7 of 12
    Oh, my. That is a tiny man circa February 2010.
  • I finally went into the doctor for my migraines 8 of 12
    I finally went into the doctor for my migraines
    She thinks they're purely hormonal, would like to see me off birth control and on an IUD, but that ain't happening right now. So I'm carrying an Imitrex prescription and trying to de-stress as much as possible.
  • Whole Paycheck 9 of 12
    Whole Paycheck
    That's what my friend Shannon and I lovingly call Whole Foods but dang, if this isn't a beautiful haul. That asiago bread was swoon-worthy.
  • Wife of the Year 10 of 12
    Wife of the Year
    I found my man this beer he's been wanting to try. He promptly shoved it in the back of a closet and told me we'd drink it in a year. Weird.
  • Our favorite family meal 11 of 12
    Our favorite family meal
    I've been working on a tough issue at my desk, so I am plum tuckered out by 6pm. My favorite 5 minute meal is a burrito bowl - make up some brown rice with taco seasoning, heat up some black beans, toss with veggies and cheese and sour cream. YUMMY.
  • Is this weird? 12 of 12
    Is this weird?
    My husband caught me whistfully rocking in the spare bedroom where the baby stuff is stored. Someday I'll have another little one to hold.


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