Addie and Vivi: An Extraordinary Sisterhood, Part I

When we first told Addie she was going to be a big sister she cried and ran off to bed yelling, “BUT I DIDN’T WANT A BABY.”

The next day she came barreling into my room, lifted my shirt and asked if the baby was any bigger and could she please play with it now?

She loved my belly when I was pregnant, but it was when Vivi came out that her true colors as a big sister took center stage. She would sit with baby Vivi for as long as baby Vivi would let her, singing to her and petting her head. As Vivi grew and learned to smile, the two of them became inseparable. (Mostly because Vivi couldn’t get away from Addie until she was at least a year old.) “GET YOUR FACE OUT OF YOUR SISTER’S FACE,” was the most common phrase heard in my house for the first six months.

It’s hard to believe Vivi’s been in our family for two years now. I knew Cody and I would love her, but I had NO IDEA how much Addie and Vivi would love each other from the moment they met. While I love both girls, it is them together as sisters that brings me more joy than I ever though possible.

Here’s a bit of their story up through Vivi’s first year:

  • Addie and Vivi: An Extraordinary Sisterhood 1 of 20
    Addie and Vivi: An Extraordinary Sisterhood Part I

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  • Four Days Old 2 of 20
    Four Days Old

    Addie was pretty nervous around her baby sister for the first few weeks, she wanted so badly to play with her, hold her and help with her while we so desperately wanted her to leave her alone and be quiet. Sorry about that, Addie.

  • Proud Big Sister 3 of 20
    Proud Big Sister

    Addie loved holding Vivi, as long as Vivi didn't cry.

  • Can I hold her now? 4 of 20
    Can I hold her?

    If Vivi wasn't being fed, changed or crying Addie begged to hold her.

  • Big and Little 5 of 20
    Big and Little

    Nothing makes your first baby look bigger and your second baby look smaller than having them in the same picture.

  • Still my favorite. 6 of 20
    Still my favorite.

    I can remember this day perfectly, everything about it was perfect and that I have photos to prove it? *sigh* Perfect.

  • Loving her sister. 7 of 20
    Loving her Sister

    By three months she felt like she could play with Vivi, since Vivi actually smiled back. Addie also took to hugging and loving on her whenever possible.

  • Four months 8 of 20
    Four Months

    I had no idea little kids could love babies as much as Addie loves Vivi.

  • Christmas Card 9 of 20
    Christmas Card

    This was our first Christmas card photo with them as sisters, it was a bit of a challenge since Vivi wasn't the best at sitting on her own just yet.

  • After School 10 of 20
    After School

    Everyday after school, Addie would read little stories to Vivi. Vivi would skooch as close to Addie as possible while she read.

  • Christmas Eve 11 of 20
    Christmas Eve

    Addie couldn't wait to teach Vivi everything there was to know about Christmas.

  • TOO MUCH 12 of 20

    So there is such a thing as TOO MUCH attention from an older sister.

  • The Piano 13 of 20
    The Piano

    That I was able to even witness this, let alone take a photo of it, makes me so happy.

  • More Reading 14 of 20
    More Reading

    Addie loving to read out loud and Vivi loving someone reading to her, match made in heaven.

  • Sand Castles 15 of 20
    Sand Castles

    Vivi just wanted to eat the sand, Addie showed her how to make piles with it, then buried her feet in it.

  • She’s all ears. 16 of 20
    Reading with ears

    More reading, this time with wolf ears.

  • New Cousin 17 of 20
    New Cousin

    April brought Addie a new cousin and me a whole new desire to make Addie a big sister all over again.

  • Reading, again. 18 of 20
    Reading, again.

    This time it was a book about farm animals.

  • Lunchtime Kisses 19 of 20
    Lunchtime Kisses

    Convincing them to eat rather than play with each other at mealtimes has proved difficult at times.

  • Addie, baby whisperer. 20 of 20
    Addie, baby whisperer.

    Sure, she loves Vivi, but give her a tiny newborn? She's in heaven.

Part II coming soon!

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