Addie and Vivi: An Extraordinary Sisterhood, Part II

When I decided to showcase the extraordinary sisterhood between Addie and Vivi, I found that I couldn’t keep it down to a reasonable amount of photos. Every one tells such a unique story and these two have been together for over two years, so that’s a lot of memories. The previous slideshow covered Addie and Vivi’s first year together, this one covers year one through just last week.

No one can even come close to explaining the magic behind siblings and sisters, and it truly is the most astonishing relationship I have ever seen. The two of them love each other with so much force and so little expectation that I wish more people would love each other the way Addie and Vivi love each other. I’ve always said that Addie is old enough to be responsible for Vivi, but young enough to think Vivi is the coolest thing around. Addie can make Vivi laugh harder than anyone else, while Vivi keeps all of us entertained and on our toes daily.

  • A Tale of Two Sisters 1 of 18
    A Tale of Two Sisters

    6 years and 5 months between them, nothing but magic among them.

  • Walking 2 of 18

    Addie always liked helping Vivi walk, my back always appreciated it too.

  • Coming Home 3 of 18
    Coming Home

    On the days Vivi isn't napping when Addie gets off the bus I let them greet each other outside. It's amazing.

  • Sharing Ice Cream 4 of 18
    Sharing Ice Cream

    Vivi is the only person Addie will willingly share her ice cream with.

  • Biker Helper 5 of 18

    Seriously, Addie is the best.

  • Swinging 6 of 18

    I have help pushing Vivi at the park! Best ever!

  • Bellybutton! 7 of 18

    In the height of Vivi's bellybutton obsession, Addie was always willing to offer hers up for a poke.

  • Matchy Matchy 8 of 18
    Matchy Matchy

    Addie loves matching with Vivi whenever possible (everyday would be preferred.)

  • Rainy 9 of 18

    This photo is one of my most favorites, it's also one of the most popular ones I've ever posted on my blog. There's just something about it.

  • Puddle Jumping 10 of 18
    Puddle Jumping

    Addie has someone to jump in puddles with, my job here is done.

  • Aggressive Hugging 11 of 18
    Agressive Hugging

    Addie has to watch out, Vivi likes to hug her aggressively when she's not paying attention.

  • Aggressive Kissing 12 of 18
    Aggressive Kissing

    Addie can reciprocate with the fierce and aggressive affection.

  • Off the bus. 13 of 18
    Off the Bus

    Vivi screams, "ADDIE!" and Addie screams, "VIVI!" and it's magical.

  • Teacher 14 of 18

    For the moment they don't fight over the iPad, Addie likes to pretend she's a teacher and help Vivi with her little games.

  • Birthday Candles 15 of 18
    Birthday Candles

    Thankfully Vivi had Addie to help her blow out her birthday candles, Vivi didn't want to do it.

  • More Swinging 16 of 18
    More Swinging

    "Underdog" is one of the biggest words in Vivi's vocabulary.

  • Busted reading. 17 of 18
    Even More Reading

    Best big sister ever.

  • Snuggling 18 of 18

    "Addie? Is your homework done?"

    "No, I'm busy."

If you missed part one, click here.


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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