Adventures with Ted

Confession: I’m a Black Friday shopper. I love the thrill, and it’s an annual tradition for me, my sister and a friend. At the end of a very long night of shopping, at around 9 AM, we stumbled into Home Depot. And in the middle of the aisle, I saw something that I couldn’t resist. It was a 59-inch teddy bear. He was irresistibly soft and had the cutest face. (Side note: I hate stuffed animals and have hidden numerous unplayed with ones in trash bags in the attic — so for me to even think of bringing a stuffed animal into our house, is HUGE!) This massive creature was the cutest stuffed animal I had ever seen and I knew the kids would love it.

The plan was to give the bear to the kids on Christmas. One little problem… a 59-inch plush teddy bear isn’t something you can easily hide. We ended up giving it to the kids — it was an instant hit. The kids affectionately named the bear Ted. Since their first meeting, Ted has become a member of our family.

While I knew the toddlers would adore this thing, it’s like Ted is a part of our family. Here are a few of our adventures with Ted.

  • Adventures with Ted 1 of 10

    Check out the fun we've had with our toddlers and this oversized bear that our whole family has fallen in love with. 

  • Ted Drives 2 of 10
    ted drives

    This is how we introduced Ted to the family. Our son Izaiah has requested that "Ted drive mommy." Sorry kid, I don't trust that bear behind the wheel.

  • Christmas Shopping 3 of 10
    christmas shopping

    Our car is already cramped enough, add that giant bear in and there is NO room. Here we are during Christmas on our way out to shop. 

  • Delivery 4 of 10
    deliver pizza

    I will admit, the bear did come in handy for holding pizza. I love the stares we get when people see us rolling down the road with a gigantic teddy bear in the front seat.

  • Movie Time 5 of 10
    movie time

    Ted also serves as a gigantic pillow. Here the boys are watching a movie with Ted. He may smell like popcorn, don't judge.

  • Part of the Family 6 of 10
    christmas lighting

    We had found a really cool house when looking at Christmas lights. Went to snap a pic of the family and I was screamed at to stop. My son ran to the car, got Ted and then yelled "OK, GO MOMMY."  We should go to the portrait studio and have Ted in our family portraits. I love making people think, Is that family off their rocker?  The answer is yes, yes we are.

  • Instant Dose of Happy 7 of 10
    izaiah and ted

    This silly photo of Izaiah with Ted captures his love for this furry thing. To him, this bear is real. 

  • To Grandma’s 8 of 10
    to grandmas

    Here we are on our way to Grandma's house. The husband and I got away for a quick trip and the boys demanded Ted. If it keeps them happy -- Grandma said to bring it. 

  • Reading Time 9 of 10
    reading with ted

    Izaiah's new thing is reading. He doesn't know how to read -- but don't tell him that. He makes up stories and reads to Ted just about every night. 

  • His Buddy 10 of 10
    christmas morning

    This was taken on Christmas morning. Everyone is opening gifts and having a great time. Zeke's definition of a great time was snuggling with his friend Ted. 

Ted’s been a ton of fun, so much that he now needs surgery. He has a three-inch gap and stuffing pours out of him. I’ll never forget our son seeing the gash — and then crying that Ted was hurt. Ted will have surgery soon, so I’m sure be back to his old shenanigans.

It’s silly stupid things like our adventures with Ted that make me love having toddlers. This funny teddy bear has in ways taught our boys to love, provided hours of entertainment and made a great fifth kid. (Hey, I’ll take a fifth kid that requires no money and doesn’t scream and yell!) We’re glad to have you in the family, Ted!

Does your toddler have a favorite stuffed animal? 

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