All Toddlers Should Love to Eat as Much as This One (VIDEO)

Rino which eat world various dishes
Rino and her food is a thing to behold

Judging by the plethora of sushi restaurants from coast to coast, it’s clear that plenty of Americans love Japanese food. As it turns out, plenty of Japanese people love Japanese food, too (phew!). Including their children. One in particular.

Rino is a little girl from Japan whose mom is awesome enough to cook her not only Japanese cuisine, but also dishes from other cultures. And Rino just laps it up. Literally.

There’s a series of videos on YouTube — Rino Which Eats World Various Dishes — in which Rino’s mom prepares food, which Rino then eats. But unlike, say,  most Food Network shows, there’s hardly any dialogue. The action just moves right along — cook-eat-cook-eat, which makes it totally win-win. All toddlers should eat this well. Heck, all adults should eat this well.

It bears mentioning, too, that unlike your toddler (and mine), Rino actually just eats what’s put before her. Think about that for a minute. No tantrums. No negotiations. No macaroni and cheese. Real food. Real eating. From a toddler.

You thought it was fun to watch your toddler enjoy their food? Take a look at Rino eating:


Source: BuzzFeed

Photo & video credit: YouTube

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