Allow Myself To Introduce…Myself.

Hi! I'm Beth Anne. You can call me BA.


I’m Beth Anne, but you can call me BA & pretend it stands for “badass.” (Truth? It doesn’t. I’m a big wimp! But I do have a tattoo.) I figured if we are hanging out around Toddler Times together, we should probably get to know one another.  Make it a little more cozy.

As long as I can remember, I have loved stories & words, from writing my own short stories to journaling religiously to sneaking Thoroughbred books under the covers with a flashlight until I was 13 years old. My hope is to always tell tales so that they jump off the page, right into your funny bone or your heart. To always let another momma know that she is not alone.

You know that day when your nerves are frazzled & you just want to lock yourself in the closet? I’ve been there.

Or that moment when your heart almost bursts with love for your child, but it grows & expands & the wonder of it all leaves you breathlessI’ve been there, too.

I began blogging in August 2008 as a way to discuss cervical mucus with the world. The words kept tumbling out as I lost my first baby in miscarriage, birthed an amazing blonde boy, & then suffered & survived a deep postpartum depression.  I wrote anonymously, under the pen name “Blair,” & am still shocked that someone other than The Momma (that’s my mother) reads my words. After several fantastic opportunities, including this gig at Babble, I decided to bust out of the anonymous closet & it’s been an amazing ride ever since.

I am a wife of over five years, a mother to a two-year-old little boy,  & connoisseur of breaded chicken. A Southern belle that loves camping in my hot pink tent, making to-do lists, & owning ridiculously expensive pocket books. I despise black jellybeans. I’m going to be thirty sooner than I’d like. I think my husband & Kevin Costner are both wicked hot.

I also have a habit of spilling coffee all over myself at inopportune moments.

I work full-time outside of the home, which means I can usually find a Lightning McQueen car in my laptop bag & can be seen grocery shopping at 6pm on a Tuesday night in heels. As a warning, I like to over-share. I like to use adult language, especially after drinking adult beverages. I write with ampersands. I believe that people can change for the better.  I like to attention-whore out my life, invent curse words, & devour a plate of chocolate chip cookies in a single sitting. This is the place where I pour out every essence of me to the universe.

I am so glad you are here to join me on this wild, crazy, oh-my-God-the-kid-has-another-scrape? journey of toddlerhood.

Beth Anne writes words & takes pictures on The Heir to Blair.
You can also find her on the Twitters & Facebook.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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