Alphabet Art for Your Toddler's Room

Learning the alphabet is a toddler rite of passage. Besides laying the foundation for future literacy, it’s a fun way to spend time together, looking at books and helping them make the connection that letters represent different sounds.

Displaying alphabet art is another great way to reinforce letter recognition.

I’ve rounded up 8 examples that would make a wonderful addition to your toddler’s bedroom or play space. Some are modern and bold, while others are decidedly vintage. Some are even customizable for your child’s room.

Check them out!

  • Modern Print 1 of 8
    Modern Print
    This autumn-themed alphabet poster has a decidedly modern feel and would be perfect for your child's modern nursery.
    Alphabet Poster, $11 My Friend Matilda
  • Personalized Typographic Print 2 of 8
    Personalized Typographic Print
    These bold prints use your child's first initial to form a a coordinating image. So cute!
    Print, $17 Flutterbye Notes
  • Vintage-Style Cards 3 of 8
    Vintage-Style Cards
    Inspired by the English countryside, these vintage-style alphabet cards would be the perfect addition to any toddler's room or play space.
    Cards, $58Bibitty
  • Alphabet Hoop Art 4 of 8
    Alphabet Hoop Art
    Hoop art has such a sweet retro feel, and I love the color scheme used here. It adds an unexpected bit of nostalgic charm to your toddler's room.
    Hoop Art, $25 Hyperbolehong
  • Bright and Bold 5 of 8
    Bright and Bold
    Overlapping letters in bright colors make this alphabet print stand out. I'd love this for my toddler's playroom!
    $20Pop Art Press
  • C is for Chicken 6 of 8
    C is for Chicken
    Painted on a natural birch block, this chicken adds a little bit of whimsy to your child's room.
    Chicken Block $29 Millersye
  • Letter Canvas 7 of 8
    Letter Canvas

    Letter Canvas, $27Glad to be Here
  • I Heart U 8 of 8
    I Heart U
    This alphabet print shares a sweet message with your little one, and colors are customizable for your child's room.
    Print, $16.50 As You Wish Printing

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