Am I Going To Regret Not Hiring A Pro To Take My Daughter's Photo?

Am I going to regret not hiring a professional?

Most moms I know have paid someone at one time or another to take their child’s photo.  Usually a professional, but sometimes just a friend who knows what they’re doing with an expensive camera.  Me?  I’ve never hired someone to take my daughter’s photo.  I’ve never even asked someone to take her photo.  I do all the photo-taking ’round these parts.

And here’s the thing…  I really dig that. Even though a family member recently told me I would regret not having a “professional family photo” taken. We actually had a good-natured (kind of) argument about it.

But I think there’s something special about me capturing all the moments, not some stranger waving a rattle around maniacally to get my kid to laugh. Additionally, I’m just not a fan of naked babies perched in the palms of parents in front of a black velvet curtain, or fancy couches dropped in orchards whilst a family wearing matching outfits frolicks in the leaves.  Hey, if that’s your thing that’s totally cool but I cannot imagine hanging a photo of our family dressed in matching outfits, holding hands while walking on train tracks or whatever.

I prefer photos of people in action doing what people do.  Not people pretending to be in action a la train track walking or leaf playing.  I just like to capture life moments.

That said, I rounded up bunch of my favorite portrait-type photos of Violet in action, just to prove to you (and that one family member) that you don’t need to pay someone a crapload of money to properly document your little one throughout their various phases.  In fact, I’d argue these kinds of photos showcase their adorable little personalities a lot more than staged photo shoots do.  Not only that, but with the ease of point and shoots and the advent of user-friendly photo-shop programs, you can do it as good as the pros from the comfort of your own home.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to compile a timeline of photos from Violet’s birth to now and this was the perfect excuse. It’s really cool to see how much kids change from birth to just two years old. It’s only been two years and the transformation is astounding. It’s weird, when they’re babies you wonder what they’re going to look like, but when they’re toddlers you’re like, of course that’s what they look like! Does that make sense?

So, what do you think? Was my well-meaning family member right? Do I need professional photos? It’s a lot of photos, so you don’t have to click on them all. I know some folks who would rather cut their eyeball with a razor blade than look at photos of other people’s children. But click on a few and you’ll get the gist. Am I going to regret never hiring a pro, or do you think I have it covered?

  • Violet Is Born 1 of 31
    Violet Is Born
    This was taken on the second day of Violet's life.
  • Tub Time 2 of 31
    Tub Time
    The expression on her face in this photo will be emblazoned on my heart forever.
  • 1 Month Old 3 of 31
    1 Month Old
    This hat just killed me so I ended up taking tons of her while wearing it.
  • Another Hat Photo 4 of 31
    Another Hat Photo
    I couldn't resist
  • My Heart Just Exploded 5 of 31
    My Heart Just Exploded
    Lookit the tender pink baby skins!
  • Smiling 6 of 31
    This was one of the first times I coaxed her into what seemed like a real smile.
  • Just Hanging Around The House 7 of 31
    Just Hanging Around The House
    Man, I forgot how much she looked like her dad when she was born.
  • Dandelion 8 of 31
    She's three months old in this one.
  • The Comb Over 9 of 31
    The Comb Over
    I'm not half bald, I swear!
  • Hanging Out On The Couch 10 of 31
    Hanging Out On The Couch
    This is one of my all-time favorite photos of my Wylet. I don't know why, it just is.
  • Starting To Laugh 11 of 31
    Starting To Laugh
    What mom doesn't run for the camera when the baby finally starts laughing?
  • Around 6 Months 12 of 31
    Around 6 Months
    One of the rare times I dressed her up and slapped a hat on her noggin.
  • 4th Of July 13 of 31
    4th Of July
    The archetypal Independence Day photo, right?
  • Dad & Daughter 14 of 31
    Dad & Daughter
    Another fave of Violet with her pop. This photo was originally published in Esquire magazine to accompany an article Serge wrote for them.
  • Receding Hairline 15 of 31
    Receding Hairline
    Gotta love the bald effect.
  • Feeling Autumnal 16 of 31
    Feeling Autumnal
    She's around ten months here.
  • Bumblebee 17 of 31
    Another photo from around ten months old.
  • 1 Year Old 18 of 31
    1 Year Old
    We'd sit together at that window for hours, just watching the world go by.
  • Teefies! 19 of 31
    It's amazing to see her with straight hair because now it's so curly.
  • Lippies 20 of 31
    Lookit the cute little lippies!
  • Play Time 21 of 31
    Play Time
    It's so bizarre to see her with straight hair!
  • 14 Months 22 of 31
    14 Months
    You can see the hair is starting to go curly here.
  • Park Play 23 of 31
    Park Play
  • And It Was All Yellow 24 of 31
    And It Was All Yellow
  • Mooo 25 of 31
    This was her second Halloween.
  • Tub Time 26 of 31
    Tub Time
    You can see that by around 18 months the curls began to take over.
  • Sweet Pea 27 of 31
    Sweet Pea
    We were playing around on my bed when I snapped this.
  • The Red Rocker 28 of 31
    The Red Rocker
    We joke that she looks a bit like Sammy Hagar from Van Halen in this one.
  • Wild Woman 29 of 31
    Wild Woman
    I think I love it best when her hair is wild.
  • image-10 30 of 31
    This is from the 4th of July this year in our new house, just after we moved from Utah to Pennsylvania.
  • Flood 31 of 31
    This photo was taken just last week when we discovered our favorite spot at the lake had been flooded.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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