Toddlers Recreate Scenes From This Year’s Oscar Nominees

Sunday night is the 86th Academy Awards. You know, the Oscars. I’ve never been big on awards shows — but I might tune in to some live streaming action on the grand Interwebs, just to see Jennifer Lawrence’s antics. And everyone loves Ellen Degeneres, so…

Ah, who am I kidding? I’ll wait for the best clips to come out on Monday morning via YouTube. And the GIFs for some extra chuckles. (I’m counting on you, JLaw.)

For now, I’m making do being highly amused with these toddler siblings “reenacting” classic scenes from nine of this year’s nominees. Clearly, they had a little help. Three-year-old Sophia and 2-year-old Sadie look like they were very cooperative helping their mother Maggie Storino recreate some of the best of the best in movie scenes that this year had to offer.

The toddler years are, after all, so very short, as everyone keeps telling us. We’re supposed to savor them, which I wholeheartedly agree with. (I also fully endorse bitching about them, too — perhaps not always specifically, though. No one wants to hear about my kids’ poo. Do you?). So, since time is racing by… when are we going to get the chance to dress our kids up? Now, when they don’t really have a choice in the matter — albeit for our own selfish forms of entertainment.

It’s not so bad anyway. I myself am a fan of said type of “shameless” coercion. For now, it would seem, most toddlers love dress-up.

Here’s to Halloween being every day.

First up, we have a scene from Oscar Best Picture Nominee The Wolf of Wall Street, recreated by Sophia…

The Wolf of Wall Street

My next personal favorite from the collection is Sophia as Bradley Cooper in the Oscar-nominated American Hustle. C’mon. You smiled.


And my third favorite, Sophia replicates a scene from Oscar Best Picture Nominee Her.


What do you think? Funny or no? 

You bet there’s more. See the rest over on Daily Mail!

Photos via Daily Mail.


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