An Homage to the Toddler Squat


The toddler squat.

Something you forget about when you don’t have a toddler in your life anymore, but the moment you witness one is the moment you remember just how adorable and fleeting the toddler squat is. Toddlers have no concept of old creaky knees or flexibility issues, in fact toddlers with their giant heads and stout little limbs are capable of more flexible poses than most circus performers.

The toddler squat can happen at any time and can be modified for a number of different situations, from hovering over a puddle to examining a blade of grass. Just like first steps, first words, and first kisses, the first squat is a memory that should be well documented and appreciated, which is exactly what I have done with the help of some other toddler moms.

Do you have any priceless toddler squat photos? I’d love to see them, I kind of have a weakness for them the same way some people have a weakness for chunky thighs (which I can provide in ample supply.) If you don’t have any, be sure to capture one before the toddler squat phase passes and you’re left with a giant kid in the place of your formerly big headed toddler.

  • The Stop and Smell the Roses Squat 1 of 19
    The Stop and Smell the Roses Squat
    This was one of her first documented squats. On Instagram it was titled "Vivi's dandelion picking service. A penny a pop!"
  • The Playing Squat 2 of 19
    The Playing Squat
    This is the mighty adorable Cullen doing the classic toddler squat proud.
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  • The Puddle Squat 3 of 19
    The Puddle Squat
    Want to play in a puddle but keep your rear end dry? Try the puddle squat with optional sister umbrella assistant!
  • The Goose Watch Squat 4 of 19
    The Goose Watch Squat
    Vivi would make an excellent bird watcher, given whenever she sees them she squats down, gets real quiet then screams at them *after* they fly by.
  • The Kissing Squat 5 of 19
    The Kissing Squat
    Vivi planting a kiss on her dad's nose mid play.
  • The Block Squat 6 of 19
    The Block Squat
    Another classic play squat, only at my age I can hear my knees creak from just looking at this photo.
  • The Family Photo Squat 7 of 19
    The Family Photo Squat
    We're all in the same photo, so win. (Girl didn't want to be held, AT ALL.)
  • The Perfect Balance Squat 8 of 19
    The Perfect Balance Squat
    Her squats are coming with better balance and posture each week.
  • The Balloon Faceplant Squat 9 of 19
    The Balloon Faceplant Squat
    Give Vivi a balloon, she'll give you a face plant into the balloon.
  • The Modified Over the Stream Squat 10 of 19
    The Modified Over the Stream Squat
    The darling Petunia modifying the toddler squat so as not to dip her rear in the water.
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  • The Video Game Squat 11 of 19
    The Video Game Squat
    Whenever we play Kinect, Vivi is off to the side playing her own little game, and observing from a squat position.
  • The Balloon Hugging Squat 12 of 19
    The Balloon Hugging Squat
    With bonus bib on backwards as a cape.
  • The Watching her Sister Squat 13 of 19
    The Watching her Sister Squat
    Sometimes there's no apparent reason to squat, aside from the sake of squatting.
  • The Coloring with Chalk Squat 14 of 19
    The Coloring with Chalk Squat
    Also an excellent way to keep your rear end chalk free.
  • The Kissing Squat Sequel 15 of 19
    The Kissing Squat Sequel
    Because one kissing squat is never enough.
  • The Big One Squat 16 of 19
    The Big One Squat
    Look! A giant seven year old in the wild performing a squat of her very own!
  • The Thigh Show Squat 17 of 19
    The Thigh Show Squat
    I can't even get my fingers flat on the floor, let alone my head.
  • The Modified Downward Dog Squat 18 of 19
    The Modified Downward Dog Squat
    As if her head on the floor downward dog wasn't enough, she took away her arms in a sort of airplane squat and bend.
  • The Advanced Downward Dog Squat 19 of 19
    The Advanced Downward Dog Squat
    Yeah, let's just see you try this one.


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