An Ode to Brothers

My sonsI’ve always thought that having a sibling is a must for my children, which is why we decided to have two kids. Well, Addison… she was a big surprise!

Having two boys has been a really special experience. I think that brothers have a special kind of relationship and it has certainly taken some getting used to. For my husband, it is like looking back in time at him and his late brother. But I was virtually an only child since my siblings were teens and adults when I was in my early years of life, so I don’t have much experience with that kind of bond.

Watching the boys together always melts my heart and renews my faith in motherhood. It makes me love them more and know that I have the most amazing kids ever.

It is like falling in love with them over and over again. I know all you mothers have been there before!

This week, during the beautiful weather we have been having, we all took a trip to the beach to collect some rocks for a Mother’s Day project we are working on for their grandmothers and I snapped some pictures of them that showcase their brotherly bond. Those moments mothers always wish they can capture but rarely remember their camera for. Moments of loving experiences when they aren’t trying to kill each other over a certain toy neither of them felt the need to share.

I also took a couple of my oldest showing the toddler how exactly to throw rocks into the water. What a great lesson right?

I wanted to share… they really are my pride and joy!

  • Benjamin 1 of 5
    Just heading down the beach... how cute is he?
  • Looking for their rocks 2 of 5
    Looking for their rocks
    We are working on making decorative rocks for their La La's backyard garden, so they were looking for the best rocks they could find.
  • Not so good rocks? 3 of 5
    Not so good rocks?
    And when they found rocks they didn't think would be perfect for the project, they threw them into the water...
  • Rock Throwing 4 of 5
    Rock Throwing
    Just like this... In this picture we have my four year old teaching the toddler just how to chuck a rock into this little stream.
  • The Toddler Hid 5 of 5
    The Toddler Hid
    Then when I took the camera back out for some more pictures of the boys together, the toddler ran and hid. I guess I had asked too much when it came to pictures for the day!

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