An Open Letter To People Who Do Not Have Kids (But Like To Tell Me How To Parent)

keep your opinions to yourselfDear People Without Children,

I am so glad that you decided not to have kids! That’s great and that’s how you decide to live your life. Me, well yeah – I am a few steps up from Old Mother Hubbard. I don’t live in a shoe, I am not that old, I have lots of children and sometimes I don’t know what to do. And yes, that is how I live my life. Are you getting where I am going here? While I know some childless people have nice, well-meaning *uhmm* suggestions in regard to parenting, may I just say, when talking to me…

Please keep your opinions and parenting advice to yourself.

My children (especially the toddlers) are well, KIDS. Yes, sometimes I forget this and get mad at them for doing childish things – but that’s me and they are mine. They aren’t yours, so any of your parenting wisdom pretty much is null and void in my book. Just trying to save you from the wrath of mom (me). I am not a vicious person. I try with all my heart to unconditionally love and show grace, but for the love of all things great in this world, I just don’t care what you have to say in regard to what I choose to do or not do.

This letter is being written after a conversation with acquaintances that are childless. These people obviously have a hard time understanding how and why certain people let their children do certain things. For example – why would a child stand up at the dinner table?? Can the parent not control their child? Why is that child making SO much noise? Can the parent not shut them up? Why is that child wearing dirty clothes? Can the mom not keep the child clean?

Oh dear childless people. Some days I am totally jealous of you. And then I look at my sweet kids, who are far from perfect, and  I realize that everything I have and will sacrifice is totally worth it. Dirty clothes, no matter how many times a day I change them. Standing up at the table, regardless of re-snapping the high chair over and over. Asking them to settle down when screaming. It’s all part of life. My choice is mine.

My guess is that when you were a child, you never did anything wrong. Let children be children. Let parents parent their children how they feel is best. Enjoy the life you have chosen without poking into the business that is not yours. And someday, should your childless status change, maybe you will understand my stance.

Sincerely and Sometimes Jealous,

A Mother of 4 Not Perfect, Very Loud BUT Loveable Kids

Just saw Dad Camp blogging about a similar topic. While my peeve is when the advice is directed at me, his is a more general discussion. If You Don’t Have Children, You Don’t Get An Opinion On Parenting Issues

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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