And So the Potty Training Begins…

As if one diaper to change wasn't enough...
As if one diaper to change wasn’t enough…

Even though I think Cullen is still quite a few more months away from being ready for formal potty training, I’m thinking it’s never too early to start getting him familiar with the idea. A few weeks ago I bought him a small potty and a Sesame Street training book, and we’ve been talking it up ever since.

I’ve read different theories and approaches to potty training; some promoting the 3-day approach, another saying you need 3-months of being pants-less at home. I’m not sure exactly what approach we’ll take quite yet, but whatever we do I’m prepared to be patient and deal with plenty of accidents.

As we get started, for now we’re really just talking about the idea. I offer to let Cullen go sit on his potty during every diaper chance and before bath time. And if he brings up the potty outside of those times, I’m happy to undress him and oblige. But for now he seems to think the potty is a fun toy, and he prefers to only sit on it when I am sitting on the “adult” potty. Clearly that is something that can’t last forever.

Once we brought the potty into his life, he started to resist diaper changes. Trips to the changing table have been met with shouts of, “No diaper!” and some tears. But I know he’s also definitely not ready for the real thing. In order to make our diaper changes more peaceful, I offered to put a diaper on Elmo one teary afternoon. Of course that was a HUGE hit, and led to the diapering of the rest of his crib crew—monkey and puppy. This continued for several days before it dawned on me that I had some extra newborn diapers sitting around, leftover from the cloth diaper feature I wrote last week. So now with almost every diaper change, I have three extra diapers to put on too. What was I thinking?!?

Extra diapering aside, I’m glad he’s taking an interest in the process and learning a bit about how his body works. It will be interesting to see how things progress over the next few (or many!) months. For now, I’m going to let him—and his gang of diapered friends—lead the way.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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