And They Called it Puppy Love

BFF'sLadies and gentlemen, my son, at just a little over 3 years old has himself a serious crush. I alluded to it a few days ago, and promised the full scoop this week.

What do I think about this crush at such a young age? I think it’s natural, and I fully endorse his appreciation of such a fine young lady. If this is an example of his taste in the ladies…then I take comfort in the fact that he’s drawn to naturally pretty, quirky, soft-spoken yet feisty; funny, silly, smart girls.

Of course, much of it has to do with the attention she dotes on him and the way in which she treats him when they spend time together. She’s never talked down to him, or talked baby to him.

She reads with him, cuddles him, wrestles with him, plays cars with him; and smiles and shines in his company. She speaks to him like a person, less of the cute-stuff, with more a genuine interest and amusement in what he has to say. He just soaks it all up. Of course he does.

The other day, when she came over for visit, this young lady, my friend and my son’s most favourite person aside from us (his parents), whole-heartedly shared with me her feelings about our little family. About how she wants to be in our children’s lives as they grow up and continue to visit with them and be there for them. She went on to tell me how special she thinks they/we are, and how she admires what kind of a mother I am, what kind of parents we are.

Basically, my heart did about 50 lunges and swelled with love for this young lady who we met by chance and luck and is now an extended part of our family. To the older boys that she actually does date? Watch out fellas, you have some major competition!

Lydia, if you are reading this – we adore you and we look forward to welcoming you in our home, family and hearts for many years to come.

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