VIDEO: And This Is Why Toddlers Shouldn’t Have Baby Chicks As Pets

And This Is Why Toddler's Shouldn't Have Pet ChicksYesterday, around 11:20 AM, my husband decided that we should become urban farmers. And by urban farmers, I mean he decided that we should get some baby chicks to grow up and lay us some eggs. It’s true. We’re basically a Portlandia cliche at this point. In his defense, we did already have a chicken coop that came with the house we bought and we have a half acre backyard. Also, our neighbors already have a goat, so it was really only a matter of time before we joined the club. One thing were were pretty excited about was introducing Fern to the baby chicks (see all the adorable pre-tantrum photos over at Disney Baby). Well, apparently babies and chicks don’t mix. We told her to use gentle touches and tried to help her pet them but it was hopeless. She basically just wanted to crush them with love. All I could think was “She’s like a toddler version of Lenny in ‘Of Mice and Men’.” We realized what a terrible idea we’d had after it was too late. At that point we had a toddler in a tantrum induced frenzy who wanted nothing more than to hug these chicks to pieces (literally), but we couldn’t possibly let her. Meanest parents ever award right here. And here is the 7-seconds of Vine video evidence.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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