Another Nap-less Weekend

napping toddler
I miss this.

Our nap woes continue. I’m starting to think this isn’t just a few phase, but perhaps our new normal. While I don’t think Cullen is ready to drop his nap completely, I have a feeling the days of consistent, predictable naps are behind us.

It seems that now, no matter how scheduled we are or how rigid we are about making sure he’s plenty sleepy and in his crib early enough, some days he just doesn’t feel like sleeping. On Saturday, we were out all morning running around as a family, and yet when he went into his crib, he ended up just hanging out in there for two hours with no zzzzzz’s.

On Sunday, we were up ridiculously early so that I could do a local 5K race. Cullen was so pooped that even though he fell asleep during the last five minutes of our car ride home, I thought there was no way he could go another day without a nap. I was wrong.

And here we are, Monday, and I’m typing and trying to concentrate while watching him roll around his crib out of the corner of my eye. I think the best thing for me to do going forward is to stop relying and counting on naps. The ones we do get will be a welcome break, and a nice opportunity to get some work done. ┬áBut unlike the past, I don’t think I can plan to have them anymore. That just leads to a lot of frustration and stress when they inevitably don’t happen.

Here’s hoping for at least a few naps at some point this week!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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