Are Bento Lunches Worth the Time?

Coolest lunch ever!

I must admit I am a little late coming onto the whole bento scene, but I am thoroughly intrigued by them.

From the little rubber containers, to the lunch boxes, cookie cutters, and basically everything that goes into them, but I started to look at it from a busy mom point of view as I was googling supply lists, and how much the initial investment would cost me, and I just had to put the question out there…

Are bento lunches worth the time they take to make?

I mean, every child is incredibly important in their own way, but when you are outnumbered, is a stylish lunch something worth taking the extra 15 minutes on?

My youngest son who is 2 will eat anything you put in front of him, heck he will probably eat stuff he isn’t supposed to eat too… but maybe this will help my picky 3 year old to start to eat better and more nutritious foods?

Man, I just need some overall input from parents who actually have taken the time to get into the bento craze.

It almost seems to me like you have to be crafty to take it on, and since my boys have gotten older DIY (do it yourself) and art projects have become more common in my house. A house that previously had two left hands and couldn’t cut a paper shape out to save my life.

In the mean time, I want to share a couple bento lunches I found during my searching on the subject that really helped my push over to this project…

  • 1- Spring Flowers 1 of 6
    1- Spring Flowers
    Neatest idea ever! Especially for the spring time, or if you have a little one who loves flowers!
    Spring Flower Bento on Bento-logy
  • 2- Typical Bento 2 of 6
    2- Typical Bento
    While there is nothing really out there, or themed about this bento, I love how neat and organized it is!
    Snack Bento on Another Lunch
  • 3- Halloween Themed Bento 3 of 6
    3- Halloween Themed Bento
    This is really neat for Halloween, one of our favorite holidays in this house!
    Super Punch Halloween Themed Bentos
  • 4- Bento Salad 4 of 6
    4- Bento Salad
    I would totally make this for myself... is that bad? Haha!
    Lisa Storms
  • 5- Patriotic Bento 5 of 6
    5- Patriotic Bento
    Another one of my favorites, especially for my husband. He enjoys anything Patriotic since he was in the Marines
    Bento-logy 3-2-1 Blast Off
  • 6- Here Fishy Fishy! 6 of 6
    6- Here Fishy Fishy!
    I thought this was cute, it was originally made for Zoo camp, but it would be great for a day at the aquarium too!
    Bento-logy Zoo Camp Day 3

photo: Bento-logy

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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