Are Celebrity Toddlers Excused From Temper Tantrum Ridicule?

Celebrity babies, toddlers… kids… they are all the rage these days. We have all been raised in a culture where we are fascinated by everything celebrities do and now we want to follow along their kids and parenting skills waiting to jump down their throats and call them a bad parent. Right?

All these celebrity websites throw celebrity toddlers under the bus every time they have a melt down in public, but as someone who had two toddlers at once, I cannot even imagine being so high profile, that every time I step out in public, the every move of my two year old would be judged, and become a direct reflection of me.

I could see it now… Headlines… “Danielle Elwood’s Two Year Old Picks His Nose!”
“Danielle Elwood’s Toddler Bites His Brother!”
“Danielle Elwood’s Two Year Old Carries a Blanket!”

Ugh… and then when the kids freak out in public, like we all know kids do… especially if they are tired, or get hurt… and the pent up temper tantrum comes out… WHOA!

Well I guess this happened to Suri Cruise recently and they fried her in the media… Really? She is a KID!  Leave her alone!

What do I have to say about all of it?  If I was a toddler and constantly had these cameras shoved in my face, was followed everywhere I went, and people yelled at my parents all the time… I would freak the hell out too. I totally excuse these meltdowns celebrity toddlers and kids have in public.

I think the paparazzi should just leave these kids alone… they are kids!
They are going to freak out every once and a while! It is life!

Do you think that celebrity toddlers are more harshly judged than the average toddler?

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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