Are We Done With Onesies?

The spring onesies are so cute, but I think he has probably outgrown them. Sniff.

I was killing some time browsing the spring clothing lines at all my favorite children’s stores the other day, and I realized that Cullen was really outgrown a lot of the “baby” stuff. I’ve written before about how toddler clothes are so much more fun than baby clothes, but it’s not just about that. I think I finally realized that a lot of the toddler styles are simply a lot more practical for his age (15 months) than the baby clothes.

I went to get him dressed yesterday, and pulled out a onesie and jeans. As I wrestled him onto his back so I could snap up the bottom, I realized that perhaps our days in the onesie are numbered. It was sort of a sad moment – I feel like for his entire life to date, his dresser has been categorized by short sleeved and long sleeved piles of onesies, along with things like pants and pajamas. But as he gets bigger and rowdier, the baby style is seeming less functional and appropriate.

One of my biggest current gripes about the onesies? I can’t look down the back of his pants and check for a poopy diaper. If that’s not something only a mother would say, I don’t know what is.

He also just seems more comfortable in a plain tshirt and pants now.  He’s a messy guy – eating three meals a day, plus snacks, and into everything. I find myself needing to change his shirt quite often, and it’s much easier to pull one quickly over his head and throw a new one on, than to take the whole outfit off in order to replace a onesie.

I know a lot of stores sells onesies up to 24 months, so who knows – maybe we’ll hold onto a few. Even if we stop using them as his main top layer, I know I’ll still want a bunch of plain white undershirts. They are my favorite layering piece to put under regular shirts!

This is such a small thing, and probably a seemingly silly thing to write about. But it’s just one more way that I realize he’s growing up so quickly. Too quickly, if you ask me.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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