Attack Of the Cling Monster

Mama, please don’t put me down.

The past few weeks I’ve had something new attached to me. A small person, to be specific. Cullen has been particularly clingy.  He throws his arms around my neck and shakes his head no, no, no when someone else tries to take him. It’s such a strange departure from my usually uber confident and very social little toddler!

Is this the beginning of separation anxiety? It mostly started when our holiday guests arrived. We had a house filled with people wanting to snuggle and help, and yet he only wanted to hang out on my hip. I’m wondering if he might have just been overwhelmed by all the new faces and voices, so he was seeking something familiar. The weird thing was that he wouldn’t go to my husband. If I’d pass him off to Casey, he’d shriek and scream, making everyone feel quite sad and confused.

He has always been a very social, very comfortable little guy. In fact, at my mom’s group I often talk about my worries that perhaps he is too comfortable. When we go to parties or sometimes even out in public, he is happy to wander up to any stranger or group and wave and smile — he has never shown any fear. So why the sudden static cling?

I’m sure it’s just a phase, as is pretty much everything in his world. I certainly don’t mind it. Hugs and snuggles are harder to come by these days, so I’m happy to soak up some extra time with this arms tight around my neck. But I wish he’d be a little more receptive toward others when mama needs to put him down to cook dinner!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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