Attempting To Feed Our Toddlers A Healthy Diet

healthy eating for toddlersPre-mom I loathed McDonalds. The place just disgusted me and the thought of feeding my future children such food just didn’t sit well with me.

For the first few years of parenthood, we were able to avoid the child obsession with the golden arches. Our trips were few and far between, mostly on vacations. A few years ago, McDonalds decided to move into the neighborhood and our family became best friends with the place. With 2 parents working, it was an easy, make everybody happy solution to eating.  Convenience, the reason my family eats like crap. A few months ago we moved homes and away from McDonalds and have only been back a few times when in desperation.

The last few weeks, my husband and I have migrated to more of a clean eating lifestyle. We have our kids eating the last of the junk food and are slowly migrating their diets to more non-processed foods. My initial fears were the kids wouldn’t eat chicken without Ketchup, but so far so good.

I have no problem with my kids eating fast food or processed foods here and there, but habitually – just because it’s easy has to stop. Sure, it’s a pain in the rear – but like anything that is good it requires work.  Meal planning and cooking ahead can be challenging, but funny enough we actually are spending less on groceries now that we’re not buying soda, juice boxes, cheese, etc.

I don’t care how you feed your kids, this is for me and my family.  I feel like nutrition is one of the best gifts I can give and teach my toddlers. It’s taken me 34 years to learn about nutrition, I want better for my kids and want them to at least have a solid understanding of eat this, not that. While I know this is easier said then done, I want this to be a life resolution not just a new year resolution.

What Healthy Foods Are Your Toddlers Favorites?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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