Attempting to Potty Train Our Toddler

potty trainingIt’s begun. After a week of our toddler Izaiah ripping his diaper off after each pee or poop (yes, let me tell you how lovely that is) – we have decided we must get serious about this potty training thing. Oh and the other reason being that for him to attend preschool this summer at the school of our liking – he must be potty trained.

Izaiah is showing signs of wanting to learn to use the potty. He tells us when he is peeing. He knows when he has to poop. He doesn’t like wearing a dirty diaper.  So let’s make this happen… right?

While he we have casually tried in the past, we haven’t had a hard core attempt at potty training. He has peed on the potty at preschool, but not at home.

Yesterday, we decided that was the day to get started. We got him naked with the potty in the middle of the room. We gave him the iPad and limited his area to the kitchen and family room (which both THANKFULLY don’t have carpet). We purchased a potty book and have read it over and over. My son and husband have shown him how they pee on the potty. We bought a bucket of yummy cookies from Trader Joes as a reward.  With game face on, we were praying for urine in the toilet.

Day 1 Results

FAILURE. ZERO peeing on the potty. We lasted about 6 hours of constantly working with him. He sat on the ground watching Dora on the iPad and peed. He pooped on the floor. I found a puddle behind the couch.


Day 2

Today, with the Easter shenanigans it was near impossible to work with him for any length of time.

This evening, we did give it a good hour try. We had more story time and toilet sitting, We introduced a potty chart. We offered him chocolate. And what did we get?


There is a long road ahead with this potty training thing, but I guess the positive is that at least we started.

Tomorrow we are going to take him underwear shopping and we’ll try again. Please Lord don’t let this be like the song that never ends..

It’s times like these I want a nanny. 

How Did You Potty Train Your Child?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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