Babble is Now on Instagram!

The day has arrived – Babble is officially on Instagram, the coolest social media app since Facebook and Twitter!

p.s. babble editors, what took y’all so darn long?  kidding, kidding.

Instagram (recently in the news thanks to a Zuckerberg purchase) is now widely recognized as a must-have social media tool and since they recently developed an app for Android phones, it’s more open than ever!  Babble Editors will be showcasing fantastic happenings around the blogosphere through their own pictures and those of the Babble bloggers.  Personally, I have loved finding the other Babble bloggers through Babble on Instagram – it’s a great community!

Even better news?  The app is totally free!

Here are my favorite ways to use Instagram:

Be sure to download the app and follow @BabbleEditors (and me! @bethanneballance).

Happy picture taking and feeling like a cool hipster while doing it!

  • Fighting boredom. 1 of 9
    Fighting boredom.
    This was me, #916 at the local IRS office. Thank goodness for Instagram to prove how bored I was and keep me company!
  • Show off your clothes! 2 of 9
    Show off your clothes!
    My Instagram is home of #officefashionshow, where I take pictures in public bathrooms of what I'm wearing. It's oddly wonderful and awkward.
  • Show off your kids. 3 of 9
    Show off your kids.
    It's Saturday morning and your kid just did something darling? Instagram that shiz. I want to see it!
  • Complain about the weather. 4 of 9
    Complain about the weather.
    I am guilty of flooding my feed to show how hot/cold/sweating/freezing/drenched I am on any given day.
  • Puppy love. 5 of 9
    Puppy love.
    Give Fido a shout out! This is me and Tuck on the way to a doggie spa day. She is less than thrilled at her angst being made public.
  • Product raves. 6 of 9
    Product raves.
    It's 11pm at night and I've fallen in love with my Nuetragena Wave. I must tell Instagram so they can go out and get one.
  • Show off your food! 7 of 9
    Show off your food!
    WAIT! DO NOT EAT THAT YET! You have to take an artsy picture of your food before it is consumed, otherwise all the calories count.
  • Blogging adventures. 8 of 9
    Blogging adventures.
    Smooshy-faced love during conferences, work days, get togethers, dinners, etc. It's really cool at conference time to see what everyone is up to!
  • Last but definitely not least, SELFIES. 9 of 9
    Last but definitely not least, SELFIES.
    The mother of all Instagram pictures, the selfie. I secretly love these because I have very pretty friends.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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