Back to School Prep: Daycare Edition

Don’t hate me, but I have to drop a bomb on you in case you haven’t been into Target in the past few weeks – it’s almost back to school time.

I know, I know. How can the summer be almost over already??

The good news for us toddler/preschool moms is that we get out relatively unscathed for at least a few more years. On the other hand, I find the end of the summer to be a great checkpoint for daycare gear and necessities – kind of like “daycare housekeeping.” I’ve found that doing this once or twice a year helps me on a daily basis – I know what’s in his cubby, what needs to be replaced, etc. instead of the teacher telling me on a Tuesday morning when I’m running late to a meeting (and likely to forget!).

Here’s a short list of seven things I do for “back to school prep”:

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    Click through for seven tips from a seasoned daycare mom.

  • Talk to the teacher about class transitions. 2 of 8

    Class transitions typically happen this time of year, when the Pre-K kids move into kindergarten. As a result, all the kids do a shift. Talk to your child's teachers about the plan for transition, when it will happen, and what you can do to help.

    If your child isn't moving up, talk to him or her about the new classmates in the class and how she/he can help make them feel welcome.

  • Check vaccination records. 3 of 8

    Especially if your child has already had her wellness checkup, be sure you stop by the director's office and update her vaccination and health records. The daycares must have this on-hand and up-to-date to meet state requirements.

  • Check spare clothes. 4 of 8

    Make sure the spare pants, shirt, socks, and shoes stored in his cubby still fit. Also start perusing the stores for cheap sweatshirts and jeans to replace the shorts once the cooler weather hits. It won't hurt to plan ahead!

  • Check your labels. 5 of 8

    By the time I've washed his nap sheet and blanket throughout the summer, the labels are worn off! Check labels on clothing, bedding, bottles, etc. and be sure they're all in place.

  • Buy a new lunchbox. 6 of 8

    Or at least give the current one a good scrub-down. I like to soak mine in a warm sink of dishwasher detergent, then scrub it down with a tough sponge.  Then again, picking out a new lunchbox might be a fun "end of summer" activity!

  • Check the sunscreen. 7 of 8

    Make sure your child has enough sunscreen in the classroom to last him until mid-fall. For us, the sun can still stay strong well into September and since they've been applying it daily for the past few months, it's time to replenish.

  • Sign up for fall classes. 8 of 8

    Thinking of a ballerina or soccer player? It's time to sign up for those fall extracurricular activities! Two might be a little young, but I think we'll try for soccer this year at almost four years old.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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