Back to Work, Back to School

…to prove to folks that we’re no fools?

The holidays are over and usually that means SAD TROMBONE PLAYING PANDAS in our house (especially for me) but this year, it’s been different. The start of 2013 has brought on a fantastic mood and a bright optomism that truthfully, I’ve never felt before with the new year. I think it was that I got so much awesome time home over Christmas with Harrison, plus I am really enjoying my job and Harry is loving preschool and there’s just not much that we aren’t looking forward to in this new year. (I know, it’s like I’m farting sparkling unicorns!)

The best part about feeling this great is having more energy, and I’m not sure if that’s coming from our diet changes or how the days are getting a wee bit longer every day, but for the first time in a long time, I don’t feel completely swamped by life.  Yesterday was an insane day in the office and normally when I get home, I collapse on the couch after a day like that. Yesterday? I had vegetarian enchiladas in the oven by the time the boys walked through the front door and even managed to do a load of laundry and dishes.

It’s good to start feeling like I’m coming out of hibernation.

Here’s what else we’ve been up to this week!

  • Back to work, back to school 1 of 10
    Last Wednesday was bittersweet to drop off my little dude, but we are all loving being back in our normal routine. I loved having time at the holidays with him, but it also reaffirmed how much I love being a working mom.
  • Going more meat-less 2 of 10
    We went a solid week without eating meat! My energy is higher, I just feel better, & yep, I've even lost a few ell-bee's. Spicy black bean veggie burgers were a hit all-around!
  • My affair with hair 3 of 10
    It's taken 29.5 years, but I think I am finally in love with my hair. Mostly because my friends on Instagram have helped steer me towards some great products (I'm in LOVE with Bumble & Bumble Styling Creme & Thickening Spray!).
  • Car seat updating 4 of 10
    Just a friendly reminder to check the straps on your car seats! It's such a chore, but so important to be sure straps are at the correct height. We did this last night.
  • Pitch Perfect 5 of 10
    If you haven't seen this movie, get on it. Warning: you'll have this song in your head for 5 days straight. It's still worth it.
  • His babies 6 of 10
    These lovies are now fondly known as his "babies." They go everywhere with him in the house, but they don't leave the house. Mostly because we can't risk losing them!
  • Come on, warm weather 7 of 10
    We've had a nasty, dreary bit of weather & it's wearing on us all. It's just hard to be cooped up inside all the time. Also, that horrible moment when your moccasin becomes untied & will never be the same.
  • Momma Kitty & Baby Kitty 8 of 10
    Harrison's new thing is pretending to be a dog or a cat and that means that I get licked. A lot. I also get to call him things like "Princess Bugsby."
  • The return of Downton 9 of 10
    Okay, who watched this? Did you swoon almost the entire time like I did? I swear this show can't get any better, but then Dame Maggie Smith keeps getting this one-liners that have me rolling. "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were a waiter."
  • Mom of the Year Award 10 of 10
    My husband & I took Harry to Starbucks on Saturday morning for a "date" & it was awesome. He got a chocolate milk on ice & felt crazy-important with his "iced coffee." Hipster toddler is hipster, y'all.

How’s your week going?


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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