Be Mine! DIY, No-Cook, Chocolate and Cinnamon Hearts-Scented Playdough

Themed activities with little ones are always a win. For us, it’s a part of how we celebrate a holiday or event days — sometimes weeks — in advance. Themed activities and crafts are great tools that help kids understand concepts, which, in the case of this sweet little DIY, would be Valentine’s Day.

Hater of said day of joy and rapture I am not. As long as we steer clear of the money suck, we’re good. Trev and I have never bought each other V-Day gifts and, in fact, we’ve never really done it up on the big day. We do, however, strive to do extra-special nice things for one another some time in the timeframe of the week that Valentine’s Day lies. Sometimes, we make each other a gift. Mostly, though, we aim to have sex with candles lit — and to spend time with each other.

During the waking hours, when our little offspring rule wild and mighty, we engage in many a lovey-dovey activity. We let stupid cupid reign supreme and embrace the notion of love and everlasting happiness — especially in the form of chocolate and cinnamon heart-scented playdough.

Mostly though, we just want our kids to know that Valentine’s Day should be like any other day in their lives, but that sometimes it’s OK to dote on those you love a little extra hard.

Now, on with this easy, no-cook playdough! It smells good enough to roll around in and eat — just remember that it’s no good for the kids after, if any of that goes down.

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    Click through for this easy, no-cook DIY!

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    I made more than I probably needed to here. It was my first time making playdough and I wanted to experiment a bit, so all was fine. However, I would separate the playdough into four portions, rather than two, as I got A LOT of playdough from this recipe! You'll need cornstarch, unscented conditioner, red Kool-Aid, cinnamon, glitter (don't hate), dark cocoa powder, vanilla, red and brown liquid watercolors. (I used liquid watercolors because we use them in a bunch of other crafts and art projects and they don't stain hands, clothes, furniture or carpets. We want this, yes?)


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    You'll want to work with a ratio of 1 (the conditioner) to 2 (the cornstarch). It really is that simple as far as measurements go. Nothing is exact and it takes some kneading and elbow grease to get the right consistency and texture, after the preliminary mixing is done. I let Wyndham dump and mix everything together the best he could and then I dumped it out onto the table and put my back into it. You may find that you want to add more conditioner as you go, basically you want it to feel like the softest playdough you've ever touched, with little-to-no sticky action going on!

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    Divide the dough into as many portions you want. This would make a great loot bag gift and could get divided into much smaller portions than I did. I cut the dough into two and began with making the chocolate and then the cinnamon hearts scented doughs.  

    For the cinnamon hearts-scented playdough, dump in the red Kool-Aid, quite a bit of cinnamon (you want the scent to really come through), an obscene amount of gold glitter, and some red liquid water-coloring. Play around with it, like a mad scientist. Again, no exact measurements here, just keep adding ingredients and kneading until it looks as red and shiny as cinnamon heart candies and smells like them, too!

    For the dark chocolate-scented playdough, same goes -- willy nilly. Splash in some vanilla, about a cup of the dark cocoa powder and a few splashes of dark brown liquid water-coloring. Knead until thoroughly blended. You may need to add more conditioner to the mix as the cocoa powder changes the consistency a bit.

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    And there you have it. Pretty easy, yeah? And just look at that grin! Worth all of the mess, I say. Abby and her bro couldn't wait to dig into this.

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    The Chocolate Shoppe was open for business and I was their top customer. I helped them make chocolates and candies and just generally muck about in the sensory fun! We empolyed the use of some of their play kitchen bakeware, some pom-poms and water beads for adornment and a set of playdough tools they got for Christmas.

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    Now g'won, admit it -- this looks like fun, no? Storage is easy, simply plop the doughs unto ziplock bags or air-tight tupperware containers and they will be good to explore, play and create with for months to come! Happy Valentine's Day, all you lovers -- and haters!


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