Beach Bum: 10 Photos of My Jersey Shore Gal

Jersey Shore girl.

After six months of being cooped up inside the rental house we moved to after fire badly damaged our Pennsylvania farmhouse, I’ve been determined to spend as much time outside this summer as possible.

Now that our home has been repaired and we’re back in, we spend most days lazing in a pool in the backyard. Well, Henry doesn’t exactly laze, he tends to run around like a maniac and then leap into the pool and kick madly. But, well, we all laze in our own ways.

Last week Violet got to trade her little pool for the ocean when she and her dad went to the Jersey Shore to stay at the beach house of relatives. I stayed home to contend with an inflamed eye, a battle I’ve been waging and losing for years now. I was sad to have missed the shore but sent Serge armed with the camera and instructed him to take a ton of photos. He did. And he did a pretty good job of it too!

Check ’em out:

  • Queen of the Beach 1 of 10
    Queen of the Beach
    This, I think, is my favorite photo. Just standing there taking it all in.
  • Seashell Search 2 of 10
    Seashell Search
    She's obsessed with seashells. Brought home a huge sack of 'em that she lugs around the house.
  • Early Morning 3 of 10
    Early Morning
    I used this funky setting on my camera to snap this photo. It wasn't created in photoshop.
  • Balancing Act 4 of 10
    Balancing Act
    Speaking of balancing, I'm really impressed with how well dad balanced everything that goes into vacationing with a toddler.
  • With Pop-Pop 5 of 10
    With Pop-Pop
    Violet and Pop-Pop are pretty tight.
  • Footprints 6 of 10
    I can't be sure because I wasn't there, but I'm almost certain she is checking out her footprints.
  • What A View 7 of 10
    What A View
    More ocean gazing.
  • Sand Castle Building 8 of 10
    Sand Castle Building
    When she gets really excited she opens her mouth wide and flaps her arms like she's trying to fly away.
  • Fun In The Sun 9 of 10
    Fun In The Sun
    I'm told they spent most of their time splashing in the ocean but, by the looks of things, she spent a fair amount of time focusing on her sand work as well.
  • Stripes 10 of 10
    I like the composition of this one, how you can just see her little pigtail and smile.

I used the new Wendy’s scrapbooking app to post a similar slideshow to my Facebook page too. Much better than uploading a slew of photos that take over the whole page. If you want to check it out click the link and give it a go. It’s super simple.

A big thanks to Wendy’s for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

Read Serge’s accounting of the vaca and see more photos over on Dadding: In Love With A Jersey Girl: ‘Down The Shore’ With My Daughter.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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