Because Dads Love Pie

Because Dad's Love PieIf there is one thing that I am, it is well-intentioned.

I’m an idea person, and I often have really great ones. But, often I get stuck at the idea stage, because I kind of suck at follow-through.

One such example was the Christmas gift idea I had a couple of years ago to gift my dad with a “subscription” to a baked good of the month club. I planned out all the desserts I would make throughout the year and for which months (think apple crisp in September, pumpkin pie in November…) and I even made a cute little booklet with pretty fonts writing up the dessert list. I remember thinking that this was my greatest Christmas gift idea EVER!

But then March rolled around and I was totally over it. I only made two desserts before I gave up, remembering how much I hate to bake.

Lucky for me, Achatz Handmade Pie Co. has come up with a genius alternative that I think would make the perfect Father’s Day present! Mail order pies! You can order individual pies, or even better, they have A Pie of the Month Club! Like…a legit pie sent every month and made by someone who doesn’t suck at baking! Way more genius than my failed gift idea.

Achatz sent us a pie to try, because honestly I was a little skeptical about how good a pie shipped from Michigan was going to taste by the time it got to Oregon, but it was SO good! We tried their Michigan 4-Berry Pie which is their signature and it didn’t disappoint. Just a little heat in the oven and a dollop of vanilla bean ice cream on top if you choose and you’ve got a delicious gourmet dessert, perfect for the father in your life whose stomach truly is the way to his heart.

This would be great for a dad who lives out of state, since the pies are mailed, but also a great way to bond with a dad who live near you. We shared our pie with my dad and I think a pie of the month would make a great monthly date to hang out together and enjoy a treat and good conversation.

If gifted pie sounds like the perfect gift idea for your father or the father of your children check out Achatz’s website to see their pie selection – there are a ton!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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