Being a Mom to an Adventurous Toddler

adventureous toddlerYou know, I always use to hear horror stories on the news involving children. With my first two kids, while I wouldn’t say that I ignored them – I never took them to heart. Then I had my Izaiah.

Izaiah is an adventurous toddler. He has a mind of his own and is one of those kids some people may look at and say his parents need to do a better job parenting him. Believe me – I’ve thought the same thing and I am his mom. The problem is, no matter what parenting style approach we throw at him, he has an answer to it all.

He has snuck out of the house. Locked me out on numerous occasions. He has fallen off a dining room chair knocking his teeth into his gums. Goose eggs are common and he has at least 3 black eyes. The boy is rough and tough. Knowing his personality, we keep an eagle eye on him and yes, I know I am a helicopter mom when it comes to him, believe me it’s for his safety.

All that said, now when I see news involving kids – I take each news story straight to heart. There have been too many times I have cried over this kid getting hurt for me not to fear something bad would happen while he is adventuring.

Do You Have an Adventurous Kid? Any Parenting Suggestions?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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