Being a Toddler Parent Should Get Hazard Pay

Got a biohazard suit?

A couple weeks ago we had a nasty bug go through our house. It started with me out of the blue and then ever last kid got it. It was somewhere in the middle of cleaning up puke and poop that I decided all parents of toddlers should be entitled to hazard pay.

Are you familiar what hazard pay even is?

Essentially it is an increase in your pay for dangerous work conditions. An example would be war. Soldiers who are in a war or conflict situation would get an increase in their pay. Got it?

Well I fully support Toddler Parents getting a form of toddler pay. Sure parenting pays us in smiles and watching our children grow into beautiful people… but what about the less than ideal conditions? Like when you end up with poop on your living room floor during potty training or when your toddler you are carrying says “Mommy, I don’t feel good!” and vomits down your shirt before you can put them on the ground.

Being a mom is just gross sometimes!

After a lot of thought – these are some of the instances I think mom’s payment of parenting a toddler should skyrocket into hazard pay!

What are some of the things you do as a parent that you think should rate hazard pay?

  • The Clean Up 1 of 6
    The Clean Up
    Poop, pee, vomit... you know all those glorious bodily functions our toddlers sometimes just can't control?
    Up the pay for those!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • The Toys 2 of 6
    The Toys
    They are deadly!
    Have you ever stepped on a matchbox car? OUCH!
    The clean up is the worst though... by far! Ever try to clean up after the toddler while he/she was actually home?
    It is like trying to shovel while it is still snowing out!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • NO! No No No No! 3 of 6
    NO!  No No No No!
    I hate the word NO!
    From the time my toddler learned it, to this day... it has to be his favorite word and it is slowly becoming deadly to my health because it is going to make me have a mental break down if I hear it much more!
    Want dinner?
    Want to take a bath?
    But if I say no to him... Oh boy watch out!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Temper Temper! 4 of 6
    Temper Temper!
    GAH! They are going to be the death of me!
    They always follow when I say no over something... anything... just utter the word NO!
    I almost need riot gear to deal with the aftermath.
    Photo Credit: Shutterstock
  • Boogers 5 of 6
    Boogers are another form of icky that should increase our pay for parenting toddlers!
    They are not only a hazard for us as parents, but if you are in my house... they are a hazard for siblings!
    The boys think its hysterical to wipe boogers on each other no matter how many times I have tried to put a stop to it.
    Submitted by Nina P. Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Why? 6 of 6
    Why? Why? Why?
    Another hazard of parenting a toddler... the word why!
    Once they learn it... it is all down hill from there because it is all you are going to hear!
    Submitted by Pam F.
    Photo Credit: Flickr

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