Better Late Than Never: The Tardy Advent Calendar

getting all up in their very 1st advent business

Who  says you have to hang your advent right on the 1st of December?

This is one of those rare times, when those of us with toddlers can bend the “rules” and no one that matters is the wiser.

After all, we’re starting these holiday traditions with little ones who haven’t a clue until you introduce them to it all.

As far as they are concerned, those little Santa chocolates in paper bags, or a book or whatever fancier form of advent you have going on = you ROCK. (And yes, I’m telling that “Santa lie” to my children, don’t even get me started on THAT.)

Which is precisely why I get nerdly amounts of joy from tackling little projects like this, however tardy, because heck it’s nice to feel like a good parent sometimes. You may have gleaned by now that I LOVE the holidays. Everything about them. If you are one of those annoying awesome people who love this season too, and make time for all that it entails no matter how crazy busy your life is…then this advent project is for you.

It’s not too late!

Because what I’m saying is TRUE. If you are a parent of toddlers, they’ll be none the wiser and the love-joy they bestow upon you as they open up a little baggie each day? It will beam out of their wide eyes and pierce that icy cold heart of yours into a molten lava mess. So get to it and make them a tardy advent calendar would you? Plus, if you click that link you’ll be witness to the most adorable pictures on the internets. Honest. I’m not biased in the least. We’re supposed to be making kid-magic here friends!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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