BFFs: Japanese Toddler and French Bulldog Adorably Pass the Time Together (PHOTOS)

Tasuku and Muu
Tasuku + Muu = Best Friends Forever

Aya Sakai knows a good thing when she sees it. In this case, it’s her son Tasuku and his French bulldog Muu.

As BuzzFeed first pointed out, the two are totally best friends forever. They sleep together. They cuddle. They play. They chill. They nap. They watch TV. They hang. It’s about the most adorableness you can possibly stuff into any relationship — human or otherwise.

Aya posts pictures of the two little love bugs on Instagram, and they’ve become something of an obsession for thousands upon thousands of people who love toddler boys and French bulldogs (together).

Take a look at some of the photos and you’ll see why:

  • Body Pillow 1 of 25
    Body Pillow
    Is there a better kind of pillow?
  • Sweet Dreams 2 of 25
    Sweet Dreams
    Are made of these.
  • Just Hangin’ Around 3 of 25
    Just Hangin' Around
    You almost awake?
  • ‘Cause I’m Up 4 of 25
    'Cause I'm Up
    But I'll wait if you need more sleep.
  • Comfy Cozy 5 of 25
    Comfy Cozy
    There are worse ways to pass the time.
  • My Turn 6 of 25
    My Turn
  • Ever Hear of Sharing? 7 of 25
    Ever Hear of Sharing?
    Seriously? You're going to sit there and eat it all?
  • I Mean, Come On! 8 of 25
    I Mean, Come On!
    Would one measly bite kill you?
  • Shhhh 9 of 25
    Don't tell me what happens.
  • You’re Much More Interesting 10 of 25
    You're Much More Interesting
    I could stare at you all day.
  • Enough Already 11 of 25
    Enough Already
    This is too much TV, right?
  • Don’t Mind Me 12 of 25
    Don't Mind Me
    I'll just be sitting here nuzzling your neck.
  • You Do That Twice a Day? 13 of 25
    You Do That Twice a Day?
    And you're telling me it cuts down on halitosis? Interesting.
  • Best Friends Forever 14 of 25
    Best Friends Forever
    And ever and ever.
  • Sniff, Sniff 15 of 25
    Sniff, Sniff
    Yup, you're all clean.
  • A Little to the Left 16 of 25
    A Little to the Left
    Ahh, that's the spot.
  • Naptime. Again. 17 of 25
    Naptime. Again.
  • Two Heads are Better than One 18 of 25
    Two Heads are Better than One
    Especially when it's these two heads.
  • Just What I Needed 19 of 25
    Just What I Needed
    A little togetherness.
  • True Love 20 of 25
    True Love
    Means never having to put on socks.
  • Hangin’ Around 21 of 25
    Hangin' Around
    Or hangin' up. Whichever.
  • Play Time 22 of 25
    Play Time
    Is there more fun to be had anywhere?
  • Place holder 23 of 25
    Place holder
    OK, you can turn the page now.
  • Great Minds 24 of 25
    Great Minds
    Sleep alike.
  • What Are You Thinking? 25 of 25
    What Are You Thinking?
    Yeah, that's what I thought.

All photos used with permission from Aya Sakai

Source: BuzzFeed


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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