Bob the Builder and Wendy: Power (Tool) Couple?

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I think this may be one of those times where mothering a toddler has completely taken over my brain, or maybe it’s Valentine’s Day looming and I’m thinking of all the most popular would-be-should-be lovers of a generation, but stay with me here: Romeo and Juliet. Scarlet and Rhett. Elizabeth Wakefield and Todd Wilkins. Katniss and Gale. Bob the Builder and Wendy.

(Yeah. I said it.)

You se, we’ve been watching Bob the Builder pretty regularly at our house for the past year, as bulldozers and excavators are a big hit among the 3-year-old boy crowd. But, even after a year, I’m still confused — and curious — about his relationship with Wendy, his blonde “assistant.” Are they together? Are they not?

Bob’s a successful dude with a friendly demeaner and Wendy’s a hottie with her blonde ponytail and earrings, despite her overalls. They shared a dance at the opening of a cafe in town, but other than that, there is no mention of romance. To that I say, GIVE THE ADULTS SOMETHING TO WORK WITH. If I have to sit through another episode, there better be a love interest.

I find it hard to believe that Wendy has never found herself swooning over Bob’s skill with his, um, wrench. Or that Bob has never tried to look up Wendy’s pants when she’s scaling a building. And all those stolen moments looking over “plans?” Pssh. Surely, they have to be “special friends.” Right?

Or maybe Wendy has the hots for Farmer Pickles. I mean, he’s kind of bald but maybe that’s how she digs ’em. Maybe Bob is filled with rage at the unrequited love of Wendy, plotting to take down Farmer Pickles with his back hoe.

Can we read into a cartoon too much? Yes, we can!


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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