Boy Meets Birthday Cake

Saturday was Little Bean’s first birthday. We had a party at the house with friends, family and more green stuff then I’d like to admit (it was also St. Paddy’s day.)

In my opinion, the highlight of any 1st birthday is the introduction of cake to the little one. It’s a fun, sugar-filled, icing mess-capade that just makes me smile. I tried to capture the event best I could….

  • The Cake 1 of 13
    The Cake
    Being born of St. Paddy's Day you have to expect a lot of green on your first Birthday.
  • The Boy and His Cake 2 of 13
    The Boy and His Cake
    There were about 30 people there all starring at him. He handled it quite well.
  • Mom gives Pep Talk 3 of 13
    Mom gives Pep Talk
    Big Brother tries to sneak a taste.
  • The Grab 4 of 13
    The Grab
    I didn't realize it was in his reach!
  • The Hunk 5 of 13
    The Hunk
    It's a go big kind of occasion.
  • The Face Plant 6 of 13
    The Face Plant
    My first did the same thing. I LOVE it!
  • The Inspection 7 of 13
    The Inspection
    He wasn't quite sure what to make of it.
  • The Face 8 of 13
    The Face
    It's everywhere!
  • The Head Cocked to the Side 9 of 13
    The Head Cocked to the Side
    This is his new signature move.
  • Daddy Peaks In 10 of 13
    Daddy Peaks In
    LOVE this picture.
  • Don’t Go Daddy! 11 of 13
    Don't Go Daddy!
  • The Messy High Five 12 of 13
    The Messy High Five
    People where coming to visit him like a bride on her wedding day. It was so cute.
  • The Mess 13 of 13
    The Mess
    Totally worth it.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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